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Volume 43 Issue 1

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Editor's Note

Looking Ahead

As school psychologists, we live in exciting times. Societal changes and changes in science, technology, and education are all having a significant impact on our profession. Communiqué attempts to keep you abreast of these developments, and this year will be no exception; in fact, I believe that this year is going to be an especially rewarding one for our readers.

I am very excited about several series of articles we have planned. One, on social justice and school psychology, is featured this month with an article on viewing social–emotional learning programs through a social justice lens, focusing on how such programs can be constructed to advance equity and fairness. Future articles in this series will discuss social justice perspectives on such practice issues as bullying, family–school collaboration, academic assessment, and a number of others. Dave Shriberg is the contributing editor in charge of this series.

Another forthcoming series of articles will be all about gender: gender norms, gender diversity, and the relationship between dominant masculinity and violence, among others. Paul McCabe is the contributing editor guiding this series.

Perry Zirkel is starting a series called “You Be the Judge.” Read the first installment in this issue and consider sending me a case that you would like examined in this way. Also let me know if you would be available to provide commentary on cases. The idea is to compare how the court and selected school psychologists might interpret the facts of a case in special education law. Obviously, articles in this series will depend on your contributions!

Last year's series on DSM-5and school psychology continues under the editorial direction of Steve Brock and Shelley Hart. Shelley's front-page article on disruptive mood dysregulation disorder is a fine introduction to the series this year.

Other great articles in this month's Communiqué cover issues such as new technology and resultant changes in core areas of practice, including assessment; evidence-based practice; homeless students; Gay– Straight Alliance Clubs; School Psychology Awareness Week; school psychology in Greece; book reviews; and news about our association and the upcoming NASP convention in Orlando.

Finally, you must have noticed that our page one has undergone an update, thanks to David Herbick, our designer. The design incorporates NASP's new logo and really freshens up the front page. I like the updated look, and I hope you do, too.

Of course, we're all immersed in the beginning of a new school year and looking ahead to the many changes and challenges we will face in the upcoming months. I'm confident that we will greet them with professionalism and sensitivity, and I hope that you can also enjoy the same kind of optimism about your work that I feel right now about Communiqué. Here's wishing that every one of us has a productive and rewarding year!

—John E. Desrochers