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NASP Communiqué (CQ)

Volume 43, Issue 1 September 2014

Editor's Note
John Desrochers

Looking Ahead

As school psychologists, we live in exciting times. Societal changes and changes in science, technology, and education are all having a significant impact on our profession. Communiqué attempts to keep you abreast of these developments, and this year will be n ...

Inside this issue

President's Message
Featured Articles
Regular Columns
Communication Matters
By Amy Glaser & Laura Rice
2015 Convention News
Additional Articles and Columns
Technology: A Review of Q-interactive Assessment Technology
By Ron Dumont, Kathleen D. Viezel, Justin Kohlhagen, & Shai Tabib
Welcoming and Safe Schools
By Mary Beth Klotz
Research-Based Practice
A Social Justice Perspective on Social-Emotional Learning
By Poonam Desai, Vicky Karahalios, SChevita Persuad, & Kassandra Reker
Editor's Note
By John E. Desrochers
Book Reviews
Edited By Merryl Bushansky
Helping Parents Teach Reading
Reviewed By Albert F. Hodapp
A Personal and Professional Memoir
Reviewed By Victoria A. Comerchero
Using RTI to Assess SLD
Reviewed By Rob Richardson