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NASP Communiqué (CQ)

Volume 40, Issue 3 November 2011

Editor's Note
John Desrochers

I hope you enjoy this issue of Communiqué Online. There certainly is a wide range of articles to choose from!

Our research-based practice articles range from understanding and working with students who suffer from emotion dysregulation and early childhood trauma to strategie ...

Inside this issue

President's Message
Good to Great
By Phillip J. Lazarus
Featured Articles
Research-Based Practice: Research Advances in Understanding Emotional Dysregulation in Youth
By Linda M. Raffaele Mendez, Brenna D. Hoy, Ashley N. Sundman-Wheat, & Jennifer Cunningham
Research-Based Practice: Building Hope in Our Children
By Susana C. Marques & Shane J. Lopez
Research-Based Practice: Understanding and Addressing Early Childhood Trauma
By Adrienne Garro, David Bradwein, Tara Calfiore, & Nicolette Rittenhouse
Research-Based Practice: Best Practices in Working With Students With Emotional Dysregulation
By Jennifer Cunningham, Linda M. Raffaele Mendez, & Ashley N. Sundman-Wheat
NASP Practice Model
By Eric Rossen & Courtenay Barrett
Regular Columns
Advocacy in Action: Meet Kelly Vallaincourt
By Anastasia Kalamaros Skalski
IDEA in Practice
By Mary Beth Klotz
2012 Convention News
Philadelphia: A Dining and Shopping Mecca
By Sabrina Abate, Celeste Malone, & Nakeia Smith
President's Special Strands
By Philip J. Lazarus
Additional Articles and Columns
Tech Corner
By Bill Pfohl
Just A Click Away
By Dan Florell
Off Task
By Pamela Beeman
Editor's Note
John Desrochers
Reviews Edited By Merryl Bushansky
Understanding Human Shyness
Reviewed by Marsha L. Borden
Update on NASP Position Statements
By Rachel Brown Chidsey & Pamela Fenning