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Communiqué Employment Ad
Submission Form

Advertise in print in the 8 annual issues of Communiqué. Rates are $1.25 per word with a 50-word minimum for September 2013-June 2014. Ads must be submitted online. No fax or mailed submissions are accepted, although any Purchase Orders* must be faxed in addition to completing the online form.

$1.25 per word per month with a 50 word minimum. The job title is included in the word count. Also, anything with a space between it is counted as a word.

Invoices will be mailed on approximately the 15th of the month in which the ad is published. To pay using a Visa or MasterCard, contact Melissa Hickman with your credit card information at (301) 347-1663.
(This is not a secure page. Please contact the NASP office with your credit card information.)

If your organization will be using a Purchase Order, please indicate the P.O. # in the form below and mail or fax the original to:

Melissa Hickman
National Association of School Psychologists
4340 East West Highway, Suite 402
Bethesda, MD 20814

Employment Ad Submission Form

At this time, we are only accepting ads from employers. We do not accept ads from job seekers.

* required fields

(We do not allow any formatting. All copy should be submitted as plain text using upper and lower case letters. We do not accept paragraph breaks, bolding, italics or underlining. Please note that the contact information fields are not part of the ad copy.)

A copy of the completed PO must be received by the submission deadline in order for the ad to run.  A PO number alone is not sufficient.
You will receive a confirmation via e-mail within 3 days of the submission. This confirmation will include the months that your ad will appear in Communiqué, and the cost of this ad. Please check it over carefully and notify Melissa Hickman of any errors.


  • September Ads: July 15
  • October Ads: August 12
  • November Ads: September 16
  • December Ads: October 11
  • January/February Ads: November 25
  • March/April Ads: February 3
  • May Ads: March 17
  • June Ads: April 14

Mailing Dates

  • September Ads: August 21
  • October Ads: September 18
  • November Ads: October 23
  • December Ads: November 20
  • January/February Ads: January 15
  • March/April Ads: March 19
  • May Ads: April 23
  • June Ads: May 21