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CQ Submission Guidelines for Authors

The primary purpose of the Communiqué is to keep membership of the National Association of School Psychologists informed about the activities of the Association and current issues and practices relevant to the profession. In addition to articles submitted by the Contributing Editors, unsolicited manuscripts from members and readers are encouraged.

It is assumed that any manuscript submitted for review is not being considered concurrently by another journal, including School Psychology Review. If the article has been submitted to or published previously in another newsletter, such as a state association newsletter, the author should so indicate in order to obtain permission to reprint and to give proper credit to the original publishing source should it be accepted by the Communiqué. The editor reserves the right to edit the manuscript as necessary for publication if accepted, including editing due to space or layout limitations.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor (desroc@optonline.net) via electronic file in Word or similar program, along with a cover letter containing the author's name, title (please note degree and NCSP certification if applicable), and institutional affiliation. Authors are also required to fax in a signed copyright release form at the time of article submission to Publications at (301) 657-3127. Manuscripts of no more than 3500 words are preferred, although consideration will be given to longer articles.

Because of a backlog of manuscripts and a limited amount of discretionary space available each month, articles are frequently accepted well in advance of their publication date.

Note: NASP will hold copyright on all articles accepted and published in the Communiqué.