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Communiqué Display Ads

Advertising in the NASP Communiqué is easy - just complete the form below and click the submit button. You will receive two confirmation e-mails - the first should arrive within a few hours and will summarize your order; the second will arrive within three business days and will inform you of the cost of your ad. Please check your submission carefully and notify Melissa Hickman (301-347-1663) of any errors as soon as possible. Thank you for advertising with us.

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  • Invoices will be mailed on approximately the 15th of the month in which the ad is posted.

Accepted Art

  • Press Optimized PDF: Full-page bleed ads should be built to the trim size, must include 1/4” bleed on all four sides, and have crop marks outside the bleed. All art must be high resolution, be CMYK, and all fonts and art must be embedded. PDFs made from Quark files must have the OPI setting deselected. If using Photoshop, flatten all layers prior to creating the final PDF. Communiqué is not responsible for ads created in nongraphics programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Please refer to our prepress specifications and instructions on bleed, trim, and creating PDFs for further details.
  • Illustrator EPS: CS4 or better with type converted to outlines, and high resolution files linked.

Naming Art

  • Color Ads: Advertiser Name_NASP_MM(issue month)01YY(year)_00_00_C.pdf
  • Black and White Ads: Advertiser Name_NASP_MM(issue month)01YY(year)_00_00_B.pdf

How to Submit Art

  • We do not accept e-mailed files.
  • Upload artwork at ftp.naspprod.org. A username and password will be e-mailed after you place a reservation.

General Information

  • Advertisers will be billed for any modifications or file manipulation that needs to be done to meet print requirements.
  • Advertisers will be billed $35.00 for producing a composed proof, if one is not provided.
  • Frequency discounts are based on the number of insertions during the same publishing year (September–June). Rebates earned by using additional space within that publishing year will be deducted from the final invoice.
  • The cancellation of a space reservation will result in an adjustment of the rate (short-rate) based on previous insertions during that publishing year to reflect actual space used.