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NASP Communiqué, Vol. 33, #3
November 2004

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Diversity in Achieving Better Outcomes for All Children
Susan B. Ratterree

School Psychology Awareness Week, November 8-12, 2004..... 1

Oklahoma Passes Legislation for NCSP Bonus
Candis Hogan

President's Message
Lee Huff

Editor's Note
Andrea Canter

Pediatric School Psychology: Neurochemical Bases of Tourette Syndrome and Implications for School Psychologists
Jason Collins & Paul McCabe

Journey to Thinking Multiculturally: Journey Into the Somali Culture
Abigail F. Castel & Susie Kurata

Georgia on Our Minds: NASP and the Giant Peach: Great Times Within Your Grasp
Katie Edwards

Research Reviews: Childhood Obesity
Julie C. Keenan

Evaluating Intervention Outcomes: Guidelines and Outcome Evaluation for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Children
Julie C. Keenan

Addressing the Mental Health Backlash in Washington
Libby K. Nealis

Systems of Care Goes to School
Jerry O'Day

Call for Youth Empowerment Mini-Grants

FDA Acknowledges Links Between Antidepressants and Suicidality
Thomas Johnson

Varied Applied Topics Highlight Workshop Schedule
Mark E. Swerdlik

Book Review: Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention
Christine L. French

NASP Online
Bill Pfohl

Crisis Management Research Summaries
Stephen E. Brock

IDEA Update

NASP Members Contribute to Media Focus on School Psychologists
Katherine C. Cowan

Crisis Prevention and Intervention Workgroup Invites You to Participate

IDEA in Practice
Mary Beth Klotz

NASP-Approved Graduate Programs in School Psychology
Joe Prus

Teen Awareness Group (TAG): An Intervention for Drug and Alcohol Education
Barbara A. Fischetti

Key Messages: Accountability Project: Raising Awareness About Your Role Under NCLB
Tom Delaney

Getting to the Heart of Social Reform: Social and Emotional Learning for Academic Success
Joseph E. Zins, Herbert J. Walberg, & Roger P. Weissberg

Culturally Competent Crisis Response: Information for School Psychologists and Crisis Teams
Arlene Silva

Loose Ends
Leslie Talbott

Book Review: Educators' Handbook on Effective Testing
Stefan C. Dombrowski

Book Review: Test Anxiety & What You Can Do About It
Michael LeBlanc

NASP Elections Just Heating Up
Charles Deupree

Book Review: Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level
L.M. Nist & Laurice M. Joseph

Book Review: A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Assessment: Conducting Developmental and Psychological Evaluations in the Early Intervention Program
Terry Weksel

Off Task: A Little Bit on Task
Pam Beeman


Employment Notices

Obesity Prevention in Children: Strategies for Parents and School Personnel
Jessica Blom-Hoffman

Children's Fund, Inc., Mini-Grant Application

School Psychologists: Supporting School District Accountability Efforts
Robin R. Martin