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Mobile apps, like Angry Birds and Foursquare, are changing how we use technology and how we interact with each other. They are also changing how we do our work. Or are they?

By Sarah A. Fefer, Kayla M. Brown, Catherine Rossi, & Carolyn Kuehnel | Volume 44, Issue 1 | App Reviews
Reviewed By Tyler E. Smith | Volume 42, Issue 7 | App Reviews
Reviewed By Kara M. Farruga-Dugan, James A. Janski, & Heidi H. MacDonald | Volume 42, Issue 2 | App Reviews
Reviewed By Theresa J. Brown | Volume 41, Issue 6 | App Reviews
Reviewed By Zhanna Shekhtmeyster | Volume 41, Issue 4 | App Reviews
Reviewed By Sara Leggett & Reviewed By Laura White | Volume 41, Issue 2 | App Reviews
Reviewed By David B. Federhar | Volume 41, Issue 2 | App Reviews
By Susan C. Davies, T. Shawn Sullivan, & Sara Timms | Volume 40, Issue 4 | App Reviews