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School Psychology Awareness Week: Strive. Grow. THRIVE!

By Katherine C. Cowan

It may only be June and the winding down of the current school year, but we are already planning for School Psychology Awareness Week 2014 (November 10–14, 2014). Our theme this year is: Strive. Grow. Thrive! These three little words encompass the continuum of engagement in children’s learning and development.

The goal, as in past years, is to create a positive, strengths-based theme that serves as a springboard for a variety of activities designed to reinforce students’ resilience. The theme also applies to adults and can be a great focus for improving collaboration and collegial support. It also relates to NASP’s vision that all children thrive in school, at home, and throughout life. Key concepts include:

  • Strive. Working and trying hard. Taking on new challenges. Stretching oneself. Excelling and doing one’s best. Learning from mistakes. Demonstrating the persistence to try again. Trying to see someone else’s perspective. Striving leads to growth.
  • Grow. Learning new skills and ideas. Building on our experiences to expand our capacities. Maturing emotionally, socially, and behaviorally. Thinking of and helping others. Developing positive relationships. Evolving in our understanding of the world. Being curious. Growth is critical to thriving.
  • Thrive. Feeling protected, respected, and valued. Being connected to a community of trusted peers and adults. Finding and enjoying new opportunities. Balancing responsibilities and work with friends and hobbies. Finding joy in accomplishment and being grateful for those who help. Being resilient. Thriving underlies our ability to strive.

We will be developing the resources this summer to be available before school starts in the fall, in plenty of time to plan. We would love to have your input. The above ideas are just the beginning of our thoughts on the concepts related to striving, growing, and thriving. Build on these basics and let us know what you come up with. How do you strive, grow, and thrive? How can your students do so? Think how you can integrate the theme with the Possibilities in Action Partner, Student POWER Award, and Gratitude Works programs. Send your ideas by e-mail to kcowan@naspweb.org. We will include them where we can.

Look for more information next month. Until then, have a great end to the school year and a wonderful summer in which you THRIVE.