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2014 Convention News
Washington, DC, February 18–21

NASP Children's Fund Service Project

By Mark D. Roth

The NASP Children's Fund, Inc. is pleased to announce that the annual convention Host City Service Project will be a partnership with Everybody Wins!DC (When Adults Read to Children) at the Tubman Elementary School. The focus of Everybody Wins!DC (EW!DC) is on literacy and on providing volunteer mentors reading to students in the DC public schools. EW!DC boasts that since its inception in 1995, 38,000 students have benefitted from mentors reading to them and 60% of the students have improved their performance at school.

When asked how the program affects her, one student said, “I like it when my partner reads to me and I get to learn to read and read back to her.” Another student, a graduate of the program, wrote, “I came to Everybody Wins as a young girl who didn't like reading and left as a girl who loves books and everything about them.” When a mentor was asked how the program affected him, he said, “I couldn't think of a better way to spend my lunch hour” while another said, “It's going to be great when summer is over and we can get to read again together.”

As reported in the EW!DC Newsletter of March 27, 2013:

In listening to stories from seasoned Congressmen and wide-eyed fourth graders alike, one fact emerges— cracking open a book can burst a world of opportunities. The area's top businessmen and congressional leaders gathered at the 18th Annual Gala to honor the volunteers and supporters of Everybody Wins! DC who will have made it possible to serve more than 4,500 students this school year.

In describing the involvement of the Children's Fund Board of Trustees and volunteers, Janet Friedman, president of the Children's Fund, said:

We are pleased to contribute to their [Tubman Elementary students] story time program, as we will be observing a storyteller who interacts with prekindergarten and kindergarten students, followed by first and second graders. In keeping with the motto of EW!DC, “1 mentor + 1 child + 1 book at a time = everybody wins,” we will distribute books to the children at the end of each session.

Dr. Friedman views the involvement of the Children's Fund in this project as being consistent with the mission of the Fund to promote and support the education, achievement, and mental health of children and youth.

Convention attendees are encouraged to “Bring a Book” to the convention to be among those distributed at the host school, Tubman Elementary. Books can be dropped off at the Children's Fund booth in the Exhibit Hall. People who would like to participate in the project should contact Janet Friedman at jannasp@comcast.net.

Mark D. Roth is currently an associate editor of Communiqué and former president of the NASP Children's Fund.