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Creating Access: Collaborate, Advocate, Lead

By Beverly Winter

The NASP Children's Fund is a tax exempt, nonprofit, independent charity. The Children's Fund accepts and disburses monies for charitable purposes that are consistent with the Children's Fund's priorities. These include:

  • Advocating for the essential rights and welfare of all children and youth.
  • Embracing individual and group differences in children and youth based upon gender and diverse ethnic, cultural, language, and experiential backgrounds.
  • Promoting learning environments that facilitate optimal development.
  • Producing effective interventions that address the learning and social–emotional issues that impede a child's success and happiness.

2013 Children's Fund Trustee and Officer Election Results

By Beverly Winter

The NASP Children's Fund is pleased to announce and congratulate the following successful candidates for Children' Fund Trustees for the 2013 election. They were elected by regional NASP Delegates at the 2013 conference in Seattle and will serve a 4-year term which began on July 1, 2013.

  • Northeast Region: Lynn Thies, NCSP
  • Central Region: Candice Hogan, NCSP

Additional congratulations go to the newly elected Children's Fund officers for the 2013–2014 year:

  • President: Janet Friedman, NCSP
  • Vice President: Jeanne Pound, NCSP
  • Secretary: Abby Gottsegen, NCSP
  • Treasurer: Tom Delaney, NCSP

The Children's Fund is pleased to announce that openings for two trustee positions will be available in the Southeast and Western regions beginning July 1, 2014. Nominations will be accepted for the positions through November 25, 2013. The Delegates in the Southeastern and Western regions will vote during the Delegate regional meeting at the 2014 NASP convention. The duties of a trustee are as follows:

Attendance at both Children's Fund Board meetings (required): Annual meeting at the annual convention (approximately 2 hours) and summer meeting (2 days).

Member or chair of at least one committee (required):

  • Membership
  • Nominations and Elections
  • Finance
  • Allocations
    • Basic needs grants
    • Mental health grants
    • Service grants
    • Youth empowerment
    • Disaster relief
    • Children's Fund auction
    • Service project in convention city
    • Communications
    • Development
    • Archives

Grant reviews (required): Trustees are expected to review and respond to grant requests within the time lines specified by the respective chairs.

Children's Fund Auction (required): Provide assistance to auction coordinators in gathering auction items, moving items to the auction location, and participating in activities during the auction (approximately 6–7 hours).

Children's Fund convention booth (required): Work in the Children's Fund booth during exhibition hall hours (approximately 2–4 hours).

Participation in community outreach (optional and encouraged): Coordination and visitation with community schools for the service project in the convention host city (approximately 2–4 hours).

Children's Fund officer (optional): Serve as president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer.

Interested individuals may contact Joe Gerard (jgerard@gci.net), Nominations and Elections Committee, no later than November 26, 2013. Each interested individual is to (a) submit a written letter of intent to seek election as a Children's Fund Trustee and (b) submit a brief biographical statement written in the first person (250 words or less) which will provide the reason(s) for seeking a seat on the Children's Fund Board of Trustees. Copies of both NASP and Children's Fund membership receipts will serve as verification of membership in NASP and the Children's Fund and are to be provided along with the letter of intent and biographical statement. Election activities by nominees must follow the NASP Operations Handbook, Appendix VIII.1, Nomination and Election Procedures. A copy will be sent to interested applicants upon request.

Goldstein Speaks at TED×RockCreekPark

Dr. Sam Goldstein spoke on “The Power of Resilience” at the TED×RockCreekPark event held on May 5, 2013. According to Dr. Goldstein, this may be the first time that a school psychologist has presented at the influential TED series.

The TED×RockCreekPark event was centered on the theme of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey. In his talk about the future of our children and their preparation for adult life, Dr. Goldstein noted that “the power of resilience in preparing children for their adult lives reflects the ordinary magic of the day-in and day-out interactions parents, children, and educators have.” The presentation can be viewed on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isfw8JJeWM&feature=youtube_gdata).

Beverly Winter is the chair of the Children's Fund Nomination and Elections Committee.