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School Psychology Awareness Week
November 12-16, 2012

Know Your Own Strengths and Win a Scholarship to the Online Learning Center

By Katherine C. Cowan

The theme for National School Psychology Awareness Week is “Know Your Own Strengths. Discover them. Share them. Celebrate them.” The poster, resources, and activities focus on helping the students we serve to see themselves through their strengths, and then to use those strengths and abilities to develop positive coping methods and resiliency. You can conduct activities directly with students or work with teachers to implement classroom- based activities. At the same time you can highlight the skills school psychologists bring to helping students achieve their best.

What Are Your Strengths?

Knowing your own strengths is critical for school psychologists as well. Working in education today can be stressful and demanding. Taking the time to identify, appreciate, and enhance your strengths as a person and a professional can help you cope with increasing workloads, competing demands, difficult situations, and potential concerns about job stability. This includes understanding your signature strengths, mapping out and enhancing your skills to meet specific needs, staying connected with colleagues, improving collaboration and teamwork, and effectively communicating the value of your services with key stakeholders. Being grounded in your strengths makes you a better school psychologist, and therefore better able to support students, colleagues and other school staff.

50 “Know Your Own Strengths Scholarships” Offered By PAR, Inc.

With this in mind, longtime NASP partner PAR, Inc. is supporting School Psychology Awareness Week by sponsoring 50 “Know Your Own Strengths” scholarships to the Online Learning Center (OLC) for NASP members. The goal is to encourage and support your effort to enhance your skills through quality, accessible continuing professional development. Each “Know Your Own Strengths” scholarship provides a 1-hour workshop or Webinar of your choice in the OLC. The winners of the scholarships will be selected through a drawing.

How do you win? First, participate in School Psychology Awareness Week. It's an easy and interesting way to build awareness of your skills and the evidence- based strategies that support student success. Then, complete the brief online survey and you will be automatically entered in the drawing. Scholarships can be applied to any 1-hour session of your choice. All OLC workshops and Webinars grant NASP-, APA-, and NBCC-approved documentation.

Take Advantage of School Psychology Awareness Week

You are encouraged to: