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Editor’s Note

Here we are with the last installment of Communiqué for this year. This issue alone should supply you with enough reading to get you through at least the beginning of the summer! Benjamin Lovett’s article about extended time on tests is required reading for every practitioner who has ever had to discuss these kinds of accommodations at an IEP meeting. I’m making copies for my entire team at school! We also have two more articles in our series on TBI and sports-related concussions as well as articles on parent involvement, sexting, schizophrenia, school-wide positive behavior support, and much, much more.

Summer is also a time to think about writing for Communiqué. If the thought of having 26,000 school psychologists as well as many parents, administrators, and teachers read your ideas appeals to you, this is a great place to send your work! We welcome unsolicited manuscripts from practitioners, graduate educators, and students. For next year, we are particularly interested in articles on the following topics: advocating for the social and emotional welfare of children, how to interpret traditional assessment data within an RTI framework and how to use RTI data in a traditional assessment (Are there practitioners or districts doing this successfully?), what school psychology is like in different countries, and RTI applied to behavior. The Communication Matters column is also looking for articles (see page 28).

And now, it’s time for thank yous. This is the only month when I wish I had more space for my Editor’s Note—I could easily fill a whole page with the gratitude I feel for the people who make Communiqué possible. You should first know about the people behind the scenes. Whenever someone compliments me on the "look" of the paper, or on how well everything seems to go together, I think they really should be thanking David Herbick of David Herbick Design. He, along with the behind-the-scenes magicians from the NASP office (Linda Morgan, Brieann Kinsey, and Carmen Villegas), actually produce what you see every month. In fact, I think every person at the NASP office contributes in one way or another to make Communiqué the highquality publication that it is.

On the editorial side, I could not function without Steve Landau, Mark Roth, and Karen Stoiber, our associate editors. What a privilege it is for me to work with people of this caliber. Our contributing editors are also uniformly amazing. I want to especially thank those who managed—on top of their "day jobs"—to contribute something to nearly every issue this year: Pamela Beeman, Steve Brock, Merryl Bushansky, Kathy Cowan, Scott Huebner, Mary Beth Klotz, Paul McCabe, Breeda McGrath, Bill Pfohl, Steve Shaw, and Stacy Skalski. Special thanks also goes to Leigh Armistead and Bill Pfohl for their photographic coverage of the convention. And of course, thank you to our writers and reviewers, without whom the whole operation would grind to a halt!

Best wishes for a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.

—John Desrochers