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Editor's Note

I am extremely excited to announce the beginning of a series of articles on concussions and traumatic brain injury commencing with this issue. Susan Davies, who wrote the lead article on the front page, worked hard over the previous several months coordinating this project and providing much of the energy behind it. It was a real pleasure to work with her. Related articles in this issue include one on traumatic brain injury and personality change and another on the role of school psychologists in concussion management. Watch for the June issue: There is more to come.

Aside from neuropsychology, there’s plenty more in this issue that should be of interest. As promised last month, this issue brings coverage of the San Francisco convention. In particular, please read the stories about Barbara Bole Williams, recipient of the NASP Lifetime Achievement Award, and Bob Bayuk, recipient of the NASP School Psychologist of the Year Award, and join me in congratulating them on receiving NASP’s highest honors. The convention really was terrific, so there will be more coverage next month.

I am also reminded that the NASP Summer Conferences are coming up (see page 38). I saw the list of nationally known presenters at those events, and it made me proud to realize that four of them are associated in one way or another with this issue of Communiqué: Lee Armistead, Dan Florell, Barbara Bole Williams, and Steven R. Shaw. The 12 other summer presenters are equally prominent, and the conferences promise to be a premier professional development opportunity, especially for those who missed the convention.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! I hope you will find some creative way to mark this occasion— promoting mental health is such a vital part of our role in schools. Stacy Skalski gives us some ideas in her Advocacy in Action column: Check it out and make sure people in your school know that you are an essential figure in this critical area of schooling.

On a related matter, the application of positive psychology to school practice has been a theme in Communiqué for the past 2 years and it continues in this issue with articles and a handout about goal setting and hope written by frequent contributors, Karen Reivich and Kathy Cowan. I have been most impressed by how strategies derived from positive psychology can be used in counseling and school–wide mental health initiatives. And these kinds of interventions have a powerful side–benefit: They help bring school psychologists into the very heart of the school and allow us to be seen as integral to its mission and as positive contributors to all students and their families. Using one of these strategies would be an ideal way to observe Mental Health Awareness Month!

Viewpoints, Tech Corner, Off Task, Student Connections even another contribution from Perry Zirkel on state laws and guidelines for RTI: Communiqué has it all!

—John Desrochers