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What You Need to Know About School Psychologists

We can be part of the solution, no matter the problem. Tap your school psychologist as a resource to help all students learn.

1. School psychologists are a unique, essential, and valuable part of the school team
2. In today’s tough economic climate, your school psychologist is a potentially untapped resource.
3. Support the well-being of your school/district by supporting school psychologists’ roles and funding.

We are the only professionals trained to evaluate and help with the academic, cognitive, and social–emotional problems that many students face.

Working with administrators and staff, we can lead efforts to reduce behavior problems and improve school climate so that all students can learn.

We can help teachers to address instructional and behavior problems individually and manage issues related to increased class size.

We are an essential part of the school team that is dedicated to providing high quality instruction for all students.

We can help schools maintain academic progress by reducing social, emotional, and behavioral problems through school-wide prevention strategies.

We are the school team member best prepared to collect and evaluate individual and school-wide data to improve behavior and learning.

We work to ensure that students who are culturally and linguistically diverse are not overidentified for special education.

We help schools connect to physical and mental health community resources to improve outcomes for students and families.

We are experts in behavioral interventions for school safety and effective discipline strategies.

We are trained to lead school response efforts during times of crisis (e.g., 9/11, economic crisis).

We can work with students and their families to reduce the number of demands placed on administrators and teachers.

We are an all-school resource, working with school improvement teams to design and implement student support services that produce long-term benefi ts for all students.

Programs that evaluate and address special education remain a high priority for federal and state leaders (e.g., $13.5 billion in funding for special education was authorized as part of the economic stimulus plan.)

Tackling issues early, with the help of your school psychologist, is the best way to prevent more severe problems. Tap your school psychologist to support students and staff under stress; help manage larger class sizes; and implement research-based strategies to meet achievement goals. Now more than ever, school administrators need to call on their school psychologists to help address the increased demands for services to support learning.