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Using the Internet to Reach Parents: Training Handout

By Aimee Kandelman & Andrea Cohn

When conducting training on how to create a professional webpage, it will be important to present both general information on webpage development and procedures for utilizing district-specific technology.

First Steps in Creating a Professional Webpage

  • Consult with school/district administrator
    • Explain rationale for webpage including target audience, possible content, and ways it will benefit children and the school
    • Determine if there are content themes that the administrator would like addressed in the site
  • Consult with your school or district’s webmaster. Ask about:
    • Available technology for webpage design and development
    • Guidelines or restrictions for webpage content or maintenance
    • Site-based templates, for consistency within a site
  • Decide if you would like to create a static or a dynamic site
    • Static: Create a page through your school’s site—however, you may have little or no control over changing the content frequently
    • Dynamic: Create a page using a webpage builder or through a “free site” (one example can be found at http://teacher.scholastic.com/homepagebuilder)—you have complete control over changing the content as often as you wish, but you need to build it first!

Once your webpage is complete, contact the webmaster or media specialist in your school/district to create a link from the school’s site to your new page.

Suggested Content

  • Information about yourself and your professional background
  • Your e-mail address and contact information
  • A picture of yourself
  • Information promoting the field of school psychology; topics might include information about the role of the school psychologist, School Psychology Awareness Week, or a link to the NASP website
  • Research articles and community resources
  • Link to your district’s Department of Psychological Services or Special Education pages
  • Link back to your school or district’s site(s)
  • Current topics available through the NASP website (at http://www.nasponline.org/communications/webpage/index.aspx) for cutting and pasting into your webpage include:
    • Back to School Transitions
    • Helping Your Child Succeed Through Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS)
    • Stress in Children: Tips for Parents
    • Bullying: Not Just “Kids Being Kids”
    • Home–School Conferences
    • Good Social Skills Improve Learning and Safety
    • Building Resilience in Your Child
    • Who Are School Psychologists?
    • Response to Intervention
    • Play: Your Child’s Key to Learning

Formatting Suggestions

  • Insert background images. Consider material available for free from websites such as BackgroundCity.com. First select a category. Then click on the image to view it. Using RIGHT-click (on Windows-platform computers) or CTRL-click (on Mac-platform computers), select View>Background Image, then select Save Image As… You can now insert the background image into your page.
  • Insert other images, such as educationally related pictures or clipart. Many images obtained from the Web are in the public domain and no permission is needed to use them on your webpage. Google image searches often yield good results.
  • Insert tables or borders. Tables are useful for laying out information on a page neatly. Consider merging cells, adding backgrounds to certain cells, using lines or no lines, etc.
  • Create subpages, highlighting special topics of interest.
  • Most importantly, have fun and do not be afraid to experiment!

NASP Website Resources

Create Your Own Webpage—Full-text content that can be downloaded directly into your webpage. Check back frequently, NASP continues to add more topics. http://www.nasponline.org/communications/webpage/index.aspx

Overview On Creating Your Own Webpage—http://www.nasponline.org/communications/webpage/index.aspx

Creating Your Own Website: Insights From the Field—http://www.nasponline.org/communications/webpage/websitetips.aspx

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