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Transforming School Mental Health Services

Transforming School Mental Health Services: Population-Based Approaches to Promoting the Competency and Wellness of Children

Beth Doll
Jack Cummings

Every student is part of a bigger picture.

“Doll and Cummings provide a much needed and timely resource on enhancing mental health services in schools. This book reviews cutting-edge research on population-based mental health services and offers it in a user-friendly, practical manner. Chapters are filled with proven intervention/prevention strategies, as well as discussions on critical issues such as obtaining administrative buy-in and monitoring the effectiveness of school-based mental health services. Each chapter closes with critical thinking questions that can serve as talking points for practitioners and school teams looking to make changes within their system. I believe this book is a must have resource for any school-based practitioner involved in or moving toward the development of school-based mental health services.”
Ray W. Christner, PsyD, NCSP
School Psychologist, South Middleton School District, Boiling Springs, PA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Editor, School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice

"Transforming School Mental Health provides a cogent description of the paradigm shift related to school mental health services that emphases the primacy of prevention. The authors discuss key principles of prevention programming and provide clear examples of how to translate these ideas into practice. The book provides a useful road map with practical steps for practitioners in schools and serves as an excellent training tool at both the preservice and inservice levels."
Thomas J. Power, PhD
Professor of School Psychology in Pediatrics and Education
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Editor, School Psychology Review

Mental health affects all aspects of children’s learning and development, including behavior, social-emotional wellness, resiliency, aggression, mental illness, and academic achievement. Effective prevention-focused school mental health services address the needs of the entire student population as well as those of individual students.

This new book from NASP provides a roadmap to the provision of population-based school mental health services with an emphasis on strategies that are currently available, can be put into practice immediately, and have evidence supporting their effectiveness. Population-based approaches to mental health services:

  • Focus on the full student enrollment of a building
  • Create data-based portraits of the mental health needs of all students
  • Recognize patterns and trends in the data that suggest a particular source of risk or common need
  • Use data to plan mental health services that fit the unique strengths and needs of the school
  • Implement interventions that are class-, school-, or district-wide to address common mental health needs and
  • Engage families, community members, and students in promoting the mental health and well-being of all students

Each chapter will have a corresponding handout for families and educators, available for download on the NASP website.

The complete Table of Contents and a sample chapter from this publication can be viewed below.

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