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Interventions - cover

Interventions for Academic and Behavior Problems II:
Preventive and Remedial Approaches

Mark R. Shinn
Hill M. Walker
Gary Stoner

Knowing what works is half the battle.

Serving the needs of students with academic and behavior problems is a major challenge for schools today.  Increasingly pervasive issues such as violence, delinquency, illiteracy, and substance abuse may seem daunting, but no youngster is beyond help. Knowing what strategies work and how to implement them can help shift the balance between the risk and protective factors that shape a child's ability to thrive.

As the successor to one of NASP's most popular publications, Interventions II offers the latest in evidence-based measures that have proven to create safer, more effective schools. The book emphasizes the interwoven nature of violence and academic underachievement, the importance of prevention and early intervention, the need to integrate intervention and remediation services in a seamless delivery system, and the enormous protective benefits of school success in all areas of a child's life.

Leading experts contributed to 38 updated and expanded chapters that reflect the changing climate in America's schools in terms of:

  • School safety and violence prevention
  • Intervention and assessment strategies for social-emotional functioning
  • Reading, literacy, academic performance, and achievement
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention
  • System level strategies and policies
  • School-wide, small group, and individualized interventions

Essential for educators, school-based and other mental health professionals, public safety officials, and community service providers.

The complete Table of Contents and a sample chapter from this publication can be viewed below.

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