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Children's Needs III cover

Children’s Needs III: Development, Prevention, and Intervention

George G. Bear
Kathleen M. Minke

What do children need to succeed?

Children’s Needs III provides an authoritative resource that educators and health care providers can use every day to meet the social, emotional, academic, family, and health needs of all children. With an emphasis on school-based strategies and interventions, this essential volume will help school-based and community-based practitioners:

  • Understand the broad range of issues affecting children, including related developmental considerations and potential challenges within the context of family and school.
  • Recognize and emphasize the critical importance of prevention.
  • Implement effective and practical intervention techniques, strategies, and programs.
  • Employ research-based approaches.

Each chapter in Children’s Needs III addresses developmental issues, reviews related problems and implications, offers evidence-based strategies for prevention and intervention, and recommends additional resources. The book contains 81 completely new or revised chapters written by leading experts in their field and is organized into four sections:

(I) Children’s Social and Emotional Needs
(II) Children’s Academic Needs
(III) Children’s Family-Related Needs
(IV) Children’s Health-Related Needs

The complete Table of Contents and sample chapters from this publication can be viewed below.

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