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Homework, Organization and Planning Skills (HOPS) Interventions

Joshua M. Langberg, PhD

Listen to a podcast with author Joshua Langberg about this book.

This practical manual gives you evidence-based interventions for students who struggle with organization, time management, and planning skills. You’ll get session by session instructions including a CD-ROM with printable forms, to help students achieve their full academic potential. This method is highly effective at improving organization skills, decreasing homework problems, raising grade point averages, and creating long-term successes.

Watch author Joshua Langberg talk about the book:

Use this resource to: 

  • Successfully implement organization skills interventions
  • Use with students in grades ranging from elementary to high school
  • Help students with ADHD and problems with executive functioning 
  • Apply to an individual, small group, or classroom setting
  • Translate skills learned into positive outcomes in the classroom
  • Involve parents to facilitate positive conversations about homework
  • Extend skills learned through the conclusion of the program
Homework, Organization and Planning Skills Manual

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