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School Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The PREPaRE Model

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Brock, Nickerson, Reeves, Jimerson, Lieberman

Effectively dealing with a school crisis requires a cohesive multidisciplinary team and a comprehensive plan that encompasses prevention, preparedness, intervention, and recovery. Plans must reflect the specific needs of children, schools’ unique cultures and structures, and the importance of supporting physical and psychological safety.

From the groundbreaking PREPaRE school crisis training curriculum, School Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The PREPaRE Model combines research and theory with the specific skill building techniques and practical resources to:

  • Establish a cohesive multidisciplinary crisis team that operates within a common framework (based on the Incident Command System)
  • Develop a comprehensive school crisis plan
  • Integrate planning with community-based emergency response services
  • Assess the traumatic potential of crisis events
  • Protect physical and psychological safety
  • Promote recovery and a return to learning through school-wide, classroom-based, and individualized interventions
  • Provide care-for-the-caregiver strategies to support school staff
  • Align crisis prevention and intervention with existing service delivery models
  • Support ongoing positive behavior and school climate

An excellent complement to PREPaRE workshop participation, as well as a thorough overview for individuals who have not yet taken training.

A proven, evidence-based model designed to meet the distinct needs of school crisis teams.

“The PREPaRE curriculum is an excellent resource for practitioners and trainers. This text will no doubt assist me in achieving the next level of my professional growth and in guiding my students to become more effective practitioners.”

—Todd A. Savage, PhD, NCSP, Trainer, University of Wisconsin–River Falls

“This program provided us with the tools and knowledge needed to enhance and strengthen the crisis plan we have in place. I learned so many new ‘tricks’ from the PREPaRE training that it renewed my passion for the necessity of prevention and preparedness in our district and the need to further strengthen a strong and educated crisis team.”

—Madaline Offner, District SAFE Counselor, Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, FL

“In the one year since the trainings in our district, we have had several incidents in which we have put our training to effective use, including gas leaks, lockdowns, suicides, and an accidental death. Our district is very grateful for the thorough PREPaRE curriculum!”

—Michelle Malvey, EdS, School Psychologist, Thompson School District, Loveland, Colorado