Instructions for NASP Convention Poster Presenters

Poster presenters should be prepared to post their materials no later than twenty minutes before the session is to start. Push pins will be provided to mount your display.

Please bring at least 50 copies of your presentation for distribution to interested attendees. Copies of your information and any illustrative materials must be prepared prior to arrival, because NASP will not have reproduction or graphic services onsite. Projection equipment and tape recorders are not allowed in the poster presentation room. It is important that your display is removed promptly at the end of your presentation to provide time for the individuals in the next poster session to set up.

Important tips for making your presentation a success:

  • The poster board surface area is 4' high and 8' wide. Prepare a label for the top indicating both the title of your presentation and the authors with lettering at least 1" high.
  • Remember that your display will be viewed from distances of 3' or more, so make sure that all lettering is at least 3/8" high and in a bold font wherever possible. It will be helpful to show (by number, letters, or arrows) a preferred sequence that might be followed in studying your  presentation.
  • Post a copy of your abstract (75-words or less), in a large typeface. 
  • Charts, drawings and illustrations should be heavily drawn, not contain unnecessary details, and mounted on a stiff board.  Avoid "arty" or ornate presentations. Block coloring is suggested to add emphasis and clarity and any captions should be kept brief.
  • Ideally, your display should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to supplement and address particular points raised by participants. Since poster sessions are intimate forums for informal discussion, try to limit the time spent on explaining your presentation. 
  • Do not write or paint on the poster boards. Instead, you may find it useful to have a tablet of sketch paper and suitable drawing materials on hand to illustrate important concepts. 

Diagram of Poster Layout for NASP Annual Convention

NASP Practice Model

slide showNASP is encouraging convention presenters to reference the NASP Practice Model in their presentations. We have developed a few resource slides (PPT) to get you started. 

Presentation Tips

video clip

Anne Beninghof shares some simple tips in this video on how to give a presentation that genuinely contributes to your audience's professional development.

Accepted Proposals

View a list of all of the mini-skills, papers, practitioner conversations, posters, and symposia proposals that have been accepted for presentation at the NASP 2018 Annual Convention, February 13–16, 2018, in Chicago, IL.

Equipment Order Form

Presenter A/V Equipment Order Form

Download the form to request A/V equipment for Mini Skills, Paper, and Symposium presentations at the NASP 2018 Annual Convention.