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PREPaRE Workshop 2, Second Edition, 2011

Crisis Intervention and Recovery: The Roles of School-Based Mental Health Professionals

This 2-day workshop provides school-based mental health professionals and other school crisis intervention team members with the knowledge necessary to meet the mental health needs of students and staff following a school-associated crisis event. With updated research and crisis intervention strategies, this workshop teaches participants how to prevent and prepare for psychological trauma, helps to reaffirm both the physical health of members of the school community and students' perception that they are safe and secure, evaluates the degree of psychological trauma, respond to the psychological needs of members of the school community, and examines the effectiveness of school crisis intervention and recover efforts. This workshop is an excellent course for all mental health professionals in your district who provide mental health crisis intervention services.

  • Provides a specific examination of the school-based mental health professionals' roles and responsibilities, with a special emphasis on crisis intervention and recovery.
  • Per participant materials fee: $45
  • Maximum size of the group: 40 persons. However, with additional trainers the group size may be increased by 20 persons per each additional trainer(s).

Who Should Receive Workshop 2 Training

PREPaRE Workshop 2 is appropriate for any individual filling the role of crisis intervention specialist. This includes school mental health staff (school psychologists, social workers, counselors and nurses), administrators, and other individuals whom the team has identified as appropriate providers of psychological first aid. Additionally, this workshop can be very helpful for community-based mental health practitioners who may work with the school crisis team and/or may be brought in to the school assist in response to a crisis.

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PREPaRE workshop participants receive a set of curriculum materials provided in binder and CD format.
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