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How To Schedule A PREPaRE Training

Your first step is finding and contacting an eligible local trainer. Once you have contacted and confirmed a date, they will help you through the process as a sponsor. If you need additional assistance, contact Sam Harrison at the NASP Office.

PREPaRE coverOnce you have contacted a trainer, you need to order materials. Materials are only sold through the NASP office and are priced per participant. Additional fees for training may occur and should be worked out through your trainer. Please note that material orders need to be submitted four weeks prior to the requested delivery date of your materials.

Expedited processing is available, contact Sam Harrison at the NASP Office prior to ordering if you need to make those arrangements.

Second edition materials come shipped to you in two parts: one from the NASP office and one from our warehouse. The package from the NASP office will include Scantrons for pre-, post-tests, and evaluation. These are shipped separately from the workbooks which come from the warehouse.

Check out our Sponsor Checklist (PDF) for additional important details.

3. Return Evaluation Materials

Once your training has been completed, either you or your trainer will need to return your evaluation, pre-, and post-test Scantrons back to the NASP office in the envelope provided to you. It is your responsibility to determine who will ship them back and to do so within two weeks of the end of your training.

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How do I find a trainer in my area?
Check out or list of NASP PREPaRE Trainers.

PREPaRE Contact Info.

To order materials for a PREPaRE training or for immediate concerns contact NASP PREPaRE by e-mail (prepare@naspweb.org) or by phone (866-331-NASP).