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Get Involved At NASP and With The Profession

Getting involved is a great way to get more from your NASP membership experience and to give back to the profession.  We invite you to explore the opportunities listed below. You can also find out more by contacting the NASP leader in your area of interest.

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Share Your Expertise With Your Colleagues

  • Submit an article to Communiqué
  • Review books for Communiqué
  • Submit an article to School Psychology Review
  • Submit an article to School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice
  • Submit a Convention proposal (spring)
  • Review Convention proposals (late spring)
  • Become a NASP Approved Provider
  • Participate in portfolio reviews for candidates seeking the NCSP credential

Interact With Your Colleagues

  • Participate in an online community in an area of interest
  • Launch an Interest Group on a topic of interest
  • Become active in your state association
  • Volunteer at the NASP Annual Convention  (fall/winter)
  • Contribute to the professional development of a student member at the NASP Convention by being a mentor
  • Join the NASP Facebook group. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Advocate For the Profession

  • Communicate with your elected officials on issues of importance to the profession
  • Promote the profession during School Psychology Awareness Week and throughout the year
  • Learn how to become an effective legislative advocate
  • Increase awareness of your role and the importance of academic and mental health interventions

Promote Diversity Awareness and Outreach

  • Include yourself in the online Bilingual Directory
  • Volunteer for the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Ambassadors of Recruitment Program
  • Participate in the Multicultural School Psychology Interest Group
  • Participate in the Bilingual School Psychology Interest Group
  • Post a discussion item or message on the Communities for the Multicultural Interest Group or Bilingual School Psychology
  • Submit a Convention proposal on a topic related to diversity or culturally responsive practice

Just For Student Members

Below are a few ways student members can get involved, but please browse the list above for additional opportunities that might be of particular interest to you.

  • Serve as a representative of NASP at your university
  • Submit an article for the Student Connections column in Communiqué
  • Participate in the online Student Community
  • Volunteer for the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Ambassadors of Recruitment Program
  • Sign up to meet with a mentor at the NASP Annual Convention