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In the summer of 2016, NASP created and launched #NASPadvocates as the official NASP hashtag to share information, post resources, provide announcements, stimulate dialogue, and more for the profession. Participants at the annual Public Policy Institute (PPI) headed off the initiative, which grew over the course of the week. Learn more about #NASPadvocates at the PPI, and review the Storify which summarizes the tweets from that week.

NASP continues to provide its members and outside stakeholders with relevant and helpful information to support their leadership in the field, work towards NASP's Key Initiatives, and build capacity for leadership and advocacy. Review our recent #NASPadvocates Twitter chats, mark your calendars for upcoming live events, and engage in the conversation today!

NASP Twitter Chats

In August 2016, NASP organized and facilitated its first #NASPadvocates Twitter chat, which convened various stakeholders to increase knowledge, identify strategies, and outline plans to further social justice. Through a series of questions, and with a social justice expert from the PPI, this robust conversation and set of actions cultivated a need to continue these virtual discussions, because they provide professional development experience and opportunity to learn new perspectives.

Shortly thereafter, NASP hosted Twitter chats on advocacy, resilience, School Psychology Awareness Week, and more. Each chat is led by experts in the field and convenes school psychologists, educators, organizations, and other leaders through the #NASPadvocates hashtag. Furthermore, a one-pager and a Storify from each chat are created to capture the conversation and allow viewers to revisit the conversation at any time. 

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Past #NASPadvocates Twitter Chats
From each live Twitter chat, NASP creates a one-pager to highlight the main themes, questions asked, and resources shared. A Storify captures the entire conversation and allows viewers to review the dialogue.

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Future #NASPadvocates Twitter Chats
Find out about upcoming live #NASPadvocates Twitter chats, download promotional material to disseminate to your social media networks, and learn how to give a topic suggestion or recommend a content expert.

NASP Storify

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Each #NASPadvocates Twitter chat is organized and archived for members to review at any time. Visit the NASP Storify page today!

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