Infographics to Communicate Information

NASP has recently developed a series of infographics to introduce key issues to stakeholders and advocate for the work of school psychologists. Download them today!

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Mental Health Infographic
This infographic describes the problem of unaddressed mental health needs in schools and how school psychologists can help provide services.

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School Climate Infographic
This infographic explains the factors affecting school climate, why it is so important, how to improve it, and how to become involved with this initiative as a school psychologist.

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Trauma-Sensitive Schools Infographic
This infographic explains the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences, characteristics of trauma-sensitive schools, and the role of the school psychologist in providing early identification and intervention services, delivering mental health supports, and contributing to positive student outcomes.

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Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Infographic
This infographic outlines the benefits and components of Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and highlights the expertise of school psychologists in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions.

Social Media

Social media offer significant opportunities to virtually create awareness, disseminate resources, and initiate conversations. Visit our social media page to learn more.

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