Membership Installment Payment Plan

Pay Your NASP Membership Dues in Three Installments

*Join NASP or renew your membership before November 9, 2016 to have the option of participating in our payment plan.

How Does The Payment Plan Work?

When you join or renew online, you will be offered the opportunity to pay your membership dues in one payment or to divide your membership dues into three  installments. You will be charged a small additional fee ($5) to offset the administrative costs of the installment plan.

This program is available for members in all membership categories, and both first-time and renewing members.

Once your initial payment is submitted, you are eligible for all NASP membership privileges. If you do not complete the installment plan, membership privileges will be suspended and NASP will use the dues collected to offset the cost of member benefits provided and collection efforts. No refunds will be available.

When Will My Card Be Charged?

Your three payments will be processed on the schedule noted below. These payments include your dues as well as a small processing fee:

  • First Payment: Your initial payment is processed at the time of joining/renewing. You may want to note the date of this transaction so you can track when the additional payments will be processed.
  • Second Payment: Approximately 30 days later, or on the first business day following that date, the next payment will be charged to the credit or debit card you provided.
  • Third Payment: Approximately 60 days following your initial transaction, or the first business day following that date, your final payment will be processed.

By choosing the installment plan, you are authorizing NASP to complete the two additional payments and no additional notice will be sent.

How Much Will Each of My Installment Payments Be?

Member TypeMembership
Payments (3)








Early Career - First Year




Early Career - Second Year




















Student Associate




Common Address




Leave of Absence




What Else Do I Need to Know About the Plan?

The program is only available to those who join/renew online through November 9, 2016.

Installment payments are available only for membership dues, and are not available for other NASP products and services.

If an individual's credit card is declined, the person's membership will be deactivated and he or she will lose access to member benefits. The individual will be notified, and a valid credit card will be sought.

If the individual does not complete the three payments, the dues paid to date will be used to offset the cost of the member benefits provided and collection efforts. No refunds will be available.