NASP Find-a-Mentor Program

The Find-a-Mentor program was developed as part of NASP’s continued commitment to providing support at all levels of professional growth and development. This program helps connect professionals interested in providing mentorship or professional support with those who seek such support.

This program is not intended for one-time consults or for asking a single question (e.g,. can I work in private practice in New Jersey?); instead, participants should expect to engage in an ongoing professional support relationship typically over the period of at least one full academic semseter. Those looking for answers to single questions are encouraged to post the question in the NASP Communities.

Participating in the Find-a-Mentor program is a NASP member benefit. By participating in this program, you are acknowledging that NASP has not vetted or screened any mentors, and the establishment of mentor–mentee relationships is purely the responsibility of those directly involved.

Participating in mentorship or professional support (either as a mentor or mentee) qualifies for continuing professional development (see Category F). This does not qualify as NASP-approved CPD.

Participants should review Guidance for Postgraduate Mentorship and Professional Support (PDF) for recommendations to make the mentor–mentee relationship as positive and productive as possible. Note that none of the recommendations within this document are required or enforced, and only serve to provide suggestions.


Mentors should have at least three years of experience in their current roles and settings to serve as a mentor. Student and Early Career members are ineligible to serve as mentors. Each mentor is expected to provide professional support to a minimum of one candidate for at least one academic year.

Upon registering as a mentor, you will be added to the list of potential mentors. You will be notified if a mentee requests you as a mentor, at which point you will be removed from the mentor list. Mentors have the option to turn down a particular request due to inadequate fit or if the commitment to provide professional support to at least one mentee has already been filled. Mentors will then be asked to reach out to the mentee directly.

Once a professional support relationship has been established, mentors will have the option to provide professional support to additional mentees by adding their names back on the list. Regardless, mentors should expect potential mentees to make contact directly.


Mentees are responsible for reviewing the list of potential mentors and selecting a mentor. Once a mentor accepts the request, mentees should work with the mentor to establish and negotiate the logistics of the professional support relationship (i.e., agreed upon goals, frequency and method of contact, etc.).

Please ensure your Member Profile is updated so potential mentors can learn more about you and your professional interests.


NASP members seeking mentorship or professional support can search among potential mentors.


Volunteer to provide mentorship or professional support to your colleagues.