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In Memory of Mary Sherlach, Sandy Hook ES School Psychologist

Among those who lost their life in the heartbreaking tragedy in Newtown, CT was Mary Sherlach, Sandy Hook ES school psychologist and a NASP member. Like all school psychologists, Mary cared deeply about her students and was committed to their personal well-being and success in school, at home, and throughout life.

She is remembered by colleagues, friends, and family as someone who “wanted to help kids get over their problems and go on to be successful.” Mary’s work throughout her career and her bravery on Friday exemplify the characteristic so common for school psychologists and other educators of putting children first. The thoughts and prayers of the school psychology family are with Mary’s family and circle of friends, as well as the students she served so well.

Messages posted on this message board will be shared with Mary’s family.

 While I never had the opportunity to meet Mary, I know I will never forget her. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you grieve this unthinkable loss. May you find comfort in knowing that the NASP family of 25,000 school psychologists is at work in our school buildings, with our state legislators and on a national level to affect changes meant to prevent senseless tragedies like this from occurring in the future. 
Amy Smith
Creamery, Pennsylvania
 My thoughts go out to your family. Your work and dedication has touched many lives.  
Jenny Shell, School Psychologist
Fort Collins, Colorado
 CSSP is in the process of developing a grant inspired by Mary Sherlach.  
Colorado Society of School Psychologists
 My thoughts and prayers go out to Mary's family. Her sacrifice and dedication to her children will not be forgotten. 
Janet Forte
Woodhaven, New York
 We are greatly saddened by the loss of our fellow school psychologist Mary Sherlach. I pray for her family, friends, and the community in Newtown as they recovery. School psychologists everywhere will continue to remember her legacy as someone that was committed to the students at her school and continue to advocate for mental health services around the country. 
Christina Conolly-Wilson
Waukegan, IL
 It is not just one’s final moments in life that make them a hero but what they do for others each day. Mary was a hero in both. I’m honored to be a member of the same professional organization as Mary that is dedicated to the tireless pursuit of helping children thrive in all areas of their lives.  
Brian Lazzaro
Park Ridge, Illinois
 As a fellow school psychologist, it was difficult to hear that someone in our field was taken in such a tragic manner along with so many precious children. Ours is not a field where we fear such things will happen on the job. But Mary is a hero and was one before she died. She dedicated her life to helping children and she died doing what came naturally- protecting children. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and I will never forget.  
Bonita Sharma-Ngan
Alhambra , Ca
 Mary touched many lives. Her spirit lives on. Now she has passed to the other side. "She is loved and cherished, dearly, forever. She has nothing to fear. All is well. Don't worry, all is well" (paraphrased from "Proof of Heaven (Alexander"

Don Liedel
Portland, OR
 The world mourns the loss of our school heros including Mary Sherlach. As a school psychologist working at the same elementary school my own child attends, I was personally stunned by the tragedy. Any school community is our community, and we grieve the personal loss experienced by Newtown. As school leaders, we train for crises we hope never happen. Mary's dedication to her field and her courageous response to help lead, assist, and protect will never be forgotten. She saved lives and made a difference. Our prayers go to her family the community of Sandy Hook Elementary.  
Jessica Sparling
Yokosuka , Japan
 My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Mary's family and all the families in Newtown. I am thankful for her dedication to her students and all of her work in the schools.  
Tanya Uganski
N. Muskegon, MI
 It is with a heavy heart that I convey my condolences to the Sherlach family and those who shared in Mary’s life. Mary personified courage and all that school psychologists strive to be in our profession. Her ultimate sacrifice and well-being for everyone present that day is a testament to her character and utter devotion to the children in her charge and the school community that was her second family. I have a renewed conviction and sense of duty today that is inspired by Mary’s selfless act; she was the ultimate team member and was there when she was needed the most. I am inspired by her quick call to action which saved lives that day. May her legacy prevail and continue to be a beacon of light to us all. Undoubtedly, I will be a better school psychologist having heard her story and coming to know her many admirable attributes. May the joy of her life fill your hearts with wonderful memories that will help comfort you and bring you some measure of peace. 
Maureen McCaffery
Irmo, SC
 With her courage and dedication to her family and school community, Mary is an example for us all. I wish you peace.  
Kathy Leighton
Palm Harbor, Florida
 Dear Family of Mary Sherlach,
Because of Mary's courage and brave example, the world is a much better place. She will long be remembered for the work that she did with students, their families, the staff at her school, and for giving the ultimate sacrifice as she cared one final time for the children she served. She exemplifies to all of us who work in school psychology the best of our profession. May we continue to be inspired by her example each and every day we work in our schools. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, her family and community, as all of us lost a piece of our hearts the day she died. 
Mary Kay Berjohn
Peoria, IL
 Dear family of Mary Sherlach,
Please allow yourself to feel the love, honor and compassioon coming your way from the entire world and here from Mary's colleagues in School Psychology. We all know the tragedy in Sandy Hook was so wrong and in Mary's memory, we have to work to improve the school safety systems, the mental health systems and I join the millions of others in committing my efforts to makiing Mary's sacrifice a stepping stone to help to build a better world.

Sue Freds Dowling
School Psychologist 
Sue F. Dowling
Redlands, CA
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 My sympathies and prayers for the family of Mary Sherlach. She gave her life protecting the children she served. Her fellow School Psychologists are humbled by her ultimate act of caring. As a tribute to Mary and the other staff and precious little students lost that day at Sandy Hook, I am hoping that we as a profession can diligently advocate for safer schools. Rest in Peace, Mary. 
Gena Boger, Retired School Psychologist
Roxana, Illinois
 Mary will live on through the people she touched. Peace. 
 As an intern in the field this year, Mary's example of selflessness in making the ultimate sacrifice for the children she served has made a great impression on me. I hope to embody Mary's spirit in my career as a school psychologist. I pray for peace and healing for Mary's family and friends who will be feeling the great loss of such a beautiful spirit. 
Emily Fisher
Forest Park, IL
 "We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:8) 
Kimberly Clayton
WYLIE, Texas
 3 years ago I interviewed for an internship position with the school psychologist at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her passion for the profession and the work she did with her students was evident. I always knew I wanted to work with middle schoolers but she made me want to work with her. I ultimately decided in another position but her response to my email letting her know I passed up the opportunity says who she was as a person and professional.

“Lindsey, it doesn’t matter where you go it matters who you touch along the way. This is one of the hardest but most rewarding professions you can ever get into—always remember to treat every child as if your own and fight for those who need you to be their voice. Best, Mary.” Thankful I had the opportunity to meet her. 
Guilford, CT
 My deepest sympathy to the family of Mary Sherlach. Her story has spoken to me in a profound way. Mary has inspired a nation of school psychologists to reach higher, work harder, and help students be successful in school and in life. Her legacy will not be forgotten.  
Kari Oyen
Lennox, SD
 My deepest sympathies for your loss. Please know that Mary's dedication and courage will forever be remembered. For myself in particular, her tragic end has served as a catalyst for change- in both my perceptions and in my practice regarding the roles of a school psychologist. At a time when almost defeated by beaurocracy and constant budget cuts, I am reminded of why I chose this profession. The 'ultimate' advocate for the child, her failure to succumb to any pressures to change her purpose as a school psychologist have inspired so many of us to soldier on for the benefit of all children. She has served God's purpose and her profession well. Praying for her family and may you have comfort in the legacy she has left - that despite all cost, we stand for the children.  
Mary Beth Hodgin
Statesboro, Georgia
 To Mary's family:
I cannot pretend to know truly how you are feeling over the loss of Mary, because I have never been in your position. But please know that I am one of the many, many school psychologists who have been personally affected by her bravery and dedication and where it ultimately led her. What a special, wonderful person she clearly was. I send you hugs from across the country, and wish that you can ultimately reach peace, while you continue to remember this remarkable woman. 
Victoria Stanton
Sherman Oaks, California
 Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to the students, families, and staff that you worked so closely with. My thoughts and prayers and with your family at this time. 
Jennifer Cook
 I wish to share my caring, support, and compassion during this time for Mary's family, her students, colleges and all our students. We stand together to help each other in the same way I imagine Mary did throughout her life and her career as a School Psychologist.
Stephen Nash
Stephen Nash
Courtenay, British Columbia
 Mary's selfless act demonstrated to the world just how much our love of the children we serve guides our actions and thoughts every single day. My greatest wish is that we could live in a world where her sacrifice would never be necessary again. God bless you, Mrs. Sherlach. 
Joie Cogan-Ferchalk
Wernersville, PA
 My thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and her family. None of us truly know how we'll respond in moments like this, and Mary showed the world that she was a brave and remarkable woman. The School Psychology community is missing an experienced and knowledgeable voice, and the Newtown community is missing a strong advocate for their children. My deepest condolences to Mary's family and community. She will be remembered.  
Katie Neubauer
Savannah, MO
 Dear Mary's family and friends!
Although I did not know Mary personally , I relate to her because I recently retired and Mary was going to retire shortly. I am at loss of words in sending my message of condolence but I am hoping that you will find some peace in what I am going to quote from Hindu Vedic Wisdom," Material bodies are perishable but pure human soul is eternal. Body is like a dress; therefore why lament the changing of dress? The material body has no factual existence in relation to the eternal soul". Mary saved the lives of children which is a Karma of superior order and status.She is already incarnated as a saint and will be worshipped for generations to come!. Mary will live forever amongst us. God give you the strength to cope with her loss. She was a true example of sacrifice to all.  
Jyoti Marwah
Philadelphia, Pa
 To the Sherlach Family,

May you take comfort in the knowledge that our entire nation and an international community has wrapped you in their prayers, love, and support. Your mother was not only a credit to her profession but an angel here on earth. Her work lives on through each life she touched and more importantly through you, her family.

May God's peace be with you now and always, 
Diane Pacella
Lakewood, OH, School Psychologist, Euclid City Schools
 Each of us hopes to change the world. Mary has made a difference that has spread around the world! Thoughts and prayers to all! 
Keela Stoneking
Westport, WA
 May God continue to bless and comfort the family and friends of Mary Sherlach. I am saddened by the loss of such a wonderful, caring and giving person. Please know that she is in God's hands now and will be in your hearts forever.
Robyn Brown 
Robyn Brown
Rancho Murieta, Ca
 As a professional I am deeply shocked and saddened by Mary's death. As a mother and wife, I feel such sympathy for your family. Bless you all. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  
Jessica Guion Moore
Knoxville, TN
 I am currently a School Psychology student, Hearing Mary's story has reaffirmed why I am working hard to be a valuable part of the field. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  
 Mary, thank you for inspiring me, as a first year school psychologist, with your incredible dedication to your students. Your work has surely touched the lives of so many students and families who will in turn go on to support so many others. Thank you!! 
Chicago, IL
 I am so sorry you lost Mary in such a horrible way. My deepest sympathies to her family, friends, and colleagues. School Psychologists around the world are in awe of her bravery and heroic actions. God bless. 
Noreen Roman
Gilbert, AZ
 To Mary's Family and Friends,
Please know that Mary's NASP family has all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Her courage and dedication to children will not be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. 
Terry Diamanduros
Statesboro, GA
 To Mary Sherlach's family, my deepest sympathy and heart felt prayers. To Mary Sherlach, thank you for your dedication, courage and love. "Greater love has no one than this. that she lay down her life for others" John Chapter 15, Verse 13 
Carmen R. Coleman
Miami, Florida
 My prayers are with your family. Mary was a true model of an amazing school psychologist. 
 To the Sherlach family -

Please know that Mary's NASP family will continue to pray for you in the coming days. We hope that our support along with the rest of the nation will carry you.....

Mary's work was an inspiration to us all - to go into harm's way to protect the children you devote your professional life to....I hope I would be that brave.

With sincere sympathy... 
Juliette Madigan
Lakewood, Ohio
 Thank you for showing us true courage and selfless service to children. May your family and friends experience comfort, healing, and peace over this holiday season.  
Colleen Katzenmoyer
Reading, PA
 I did not have the pleasure of working with Mary Sherlach. I can only imagine the loss that people who were close to her feel. It is evident that every day of her career she invested in helping our youth to be happy, healthy and successful. As a fellow School Psychologist, it is clear that she was an asset to the school community and will be sorely missed. I hope that people close to her find some sense of peace and comfort in the memories that they have of Mary. At least the other fallen angles will have someone to watch over them for their eternity. Rest in peace.  
Old Lyme, Connecticut
 To The Family & Friends Of Mary Sherlach,

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in the time of this great tragedy. I live some 20-30 minutes away from Newtown, and worked in that system in 1998. I also worked with the Principal Dawn Hochsprung in another school in 2011. I believe I may have met Mary in 1998. Mary's actions were heroic and will always be remembered. I am sure she is amongst the Saints in heaven. Stay close to a Power higher than ourselves, and please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Look for energetic signs- birds sent by angels, rainbows, feathers. A great book to read is "90 Minutes in Heaven"- once on the NY Times bestseller list. I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you the comfort of family, friends, and beautiful memories.
Karen L. Fischer-Perkins, MS, NCSP, LPC 
Karen L. Fischer-Perkins, MS, NCSP, LPC
Sherman, Connecticut
 To The Family & Friends Of Mary Sherlach,

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in the time of this great tragedy. I live some 20-30 minutes away from Newtown, and worked in that system in 1998. I also worked with the Principal Dawn Hochsprung in another school in 2011. I believe I may have met Mary in 1998. Mary's actions were heroic and will always be remembered. I am sure she is amongst the Saints in heaven. Stay close to a Power higher than ourselves, and please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Look for energetic signs- birds sent by angels, rainbows, feathers. A great book to read is "90 Minutes in Heaven"- once on the NY Times bestseller list. I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you the comfort of family, friends, and beautiful memories.
karen L. Fischer-Perkins, MS, NCSP, LPC 
Karen L. Fischer-Perkins, MS, NCSP, LPC
Sherman, Connecticut
 When we feel our children are in danger, we go to help. This is what it means to be a school psychologist. Thank you, Mary, for showing the world. 
Gerilynn Green
Plainview, New York
 When I was learning about the tragic events of Sandy Hook, I had wondered if any of the adults had made attempts to shield the students from the actual bullets.

The same heroism and selflessness that motivates rare individuals seemed to motivate Mary when she shielded the students in her care.

Those are split second decisions that truly speak of her character and spirit.

Mary, you embody the spirit of service and deep compassion of your profession. Yours will remain a legacy of selfless service, care and love. 
Isabella Moreno
Gilbert, Arizona
 To Mary- thank you for serving your school with dedication and bravery. You will not be forgotten.  
Julie Kaufhold
Frederick , MD
 How profoundly inspiring Mary's last act was, and how profoundly inspiring her life. Each child she ministered to was surely blessed by her compassion. As a retired school psychologist, I am proud to have shared the same profession. My heart goes out to her family, friends and colleagues. In her memory and in the memory of those for whom she sacrificed her life, I will endeavor to advocate ceaselessly for more recognition of the need for and commitment to those in mental and emotional distress, a ban on assault weapons and more stringent gun control. May Mary's family and friends find solace in the loving thoughts of this grieving nation.
Barbara Jesrani  
Barbara Jesrani
Hopewell Junction , New York
 Dear Mary,
Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, courage and strength. You have inspired me to be a better School Psychologist. You have confirmed our complete and total dedication to children. Your actions have touched me deeply. Sandy Hook School was fortunate to have you on staff.

To Mary's family, may God bless you with courage, strength and peace. I will keep you in my prayers.

Vonda Morton
School Psychologist
Newark NJ public schools 
Vonda Morton
Union , NJ
 As a new School Psychologist I am inspired by Mary Scherlach act. We lost one of our own in a tragic way, but her final moments define what we do. Love and Peace to all in Newtown. You are not alone. 
Robert Soriano
Washington, DC
 Although I never had the pleasure of knowing Mary, she clearly demonstrated her love and devotion for the children in her school. She made the ultimate sacrifice and I am sure that she will always be remembered fondly by all those who knew her. She is with God now, and may God give you the strength to carry on.

Robert Johnson - School Psychologist- Norwalk, CT.  
Robert Johnson
Trumbull, Connecticut
 It's so difficult to find the words to express my myriad of feelings regarding the senseless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is scary and sad to think that this violence could happen to any elementary school. I am sure many are feeling "It could have been me." I pray that these horrific losses will spark dramatic positive changes for mental health and educational settings. I am deeply sorry for your loss of what sounds to be an amazing woman. I think I will forever remember Mary Sherlach and the ultimate sacrifice she made. And every day that I work as a school psychologist I pray that I make a difference in children's lives. I thought of her today after working with two incredibly angry and hurt young boys and I hope I was a person that made a difference in their lives. I rededicate myself as a school psychologist and will do whatever I can every day so something like this doesn't happen here! I pray it never happens again anywhere! Mary Sherlach made an incredible difference in the lives of countless many. 
Diana Nelson
Riverside School Psychologist, CA
 I am a 55 year old school psychologist. In my final years until retirement, at my work place I want to make my theme "What would Mary do?" On Monday I heard a student/staff conflict outside my door. Before I might have stayed in my office and let the adults out there handle it. But I got up and chose to help. Not as heroic or brave as Mary, but it was Mary's story that inspired me to get up and be involved. My deepest sympathy to Mary's family and to Sandy Hook for your unfathonable losses.  
Deb Forstner
St. Cloud, MN
 I am a school psychologist in Canada. My heart is greatly saddened by this senseless tragedy. As a fellow psychologist, I am reminded of the importance of the work we do everyday with students to ensure that they don't turn to crimes such as this. Your mother played a significant role in her work and you should be proud of her dedication to supporting students with difficulties. Our family's sympathies to your family on your loss. Whenever I question whether I am making a difference, I will be reminded of the sacrifice your mother made while simply doing her job. 
Sharon Blott
Calgary, Alberta Canada, Alberta
 Mary Sherlach you are a hero. Your School Psychology family across the country honors you and remembers you and your bravery. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Sandy Hook Community.

Wake County School Psychologist
North Carolina  
Lisa Occhipinti
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
 To all of You that have this major tradegy especially around the holidays(no matter what time of year)this has been so devasteing to me just has a veiwer, My thoughts and my heart felt symathly goes out to each and everyone. I'm the grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren that are 2nd,5th and 7th. In hearing of the bravery of Mary,the teachers and the children really helped me beleive that dedication to the children of this world is still strong. I know no words can help or understand why this happen to all those precious people. But one thing I know for sure they all deserved their wings in heaven. I will pray each day for all of you and GOD will hold you and comfort you and them. I now realize that everyday I do not know what is place to happen, so I will live my life in pure dedication to let all my love ones know how much they are Loved and again to all of you, hold on to each other,help each other. Thank you for Mary, she restored faith in me for her extreme effort and all the others who's bravery was something to be proud of.  
Loni Sena
Phoenix, Arizona
 My deepest sympathy to the Sherlach family, May her name be a blessing. May we all carry on her work of "wanting to help kids get over their problems and go on to be successful" 
MIchelle D. Porjes
Los Angeles, CA
 My deepest sympathy to Mary's family, friends,co-workers,and the entire Newtown community. As a fellow school psychologist,I am shocked and deeply saddened that we have lost one of our own in such a tragic way. I know Mary's bravery, kindness and caring spirit will always be remembered. I grieve for Mary and for all the victims. May God help the families and this country heal. 
Jennifer Spina
Rochester, NY
 No words can truly capture the heartbreak; it may be presumptuous to even try. I, along with millions of others, am deeply saddened by your loss. As a retired school psychologist from NYS, I am especially touched by Mary's act of heroism, both as a caring individual and as a dedicated school professional. By all accounts, with no thought for herself, Mary's priority was to protect the children whose lives she cherished. Mary's sacrifice will not be forgotten. I regret that I will never know her because she would be a valued friend and colleague. Please accept my sincere condolences.  
Joanne Voulelis
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
 The news that one of our own was a victim of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary brought me great grief and sadness. Was I surprised at what Mary did to protect those children? Absolutely not, this is what we do. Mary was a true hero and a role model for all of us. I hope and pray that Mary's family and friends find comfort in the knowledge that she gave up her life doing what she loved. God bless you Mary, you are now with the Lord and with the children who you loved and served so honorably.  
Sandie Lamanna
Clarks Summit, Pa.
 I was truly saddened and am at loss
for words. You are gone but not forgotten,
Mary. Your heroism and dedication will
live on. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to
your friends, family and co workers.
Friday changed a lot of lives forever including
my own. You have inspired me to fight
harder for mental health issues on a bigger scale.
Rest in peace Mary, a true hero. 
Monica Martin, Montana Association of School Psychologists
Missoula, Montana
 I was truly saddened and am at loss
for words. You are gone but not forgotten,
Mary. Your heroism and dedication will
live on. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to
your friends, family and co workers.
Friday changed a lot of lives forever including
my own. You have inspired me to fight
harder for mental health issues on a bigger scale.
Rest in peace Mary, a true hero. 
Monica Martin, Montana Association of School Psychologists
Missoula, Montana
 Mary, your courageous actions on Friday are beyond words. Your work and dedication to the students and staff at your school will never be forgotten. Any person who risks their own life to protect the lives of others is a saint. Your actions, along with your coworkers saved many more lives last Friday. Thank you for all you did to improve the lives of chIldren; you will never be forgotten!  
Nicole Goering
Littleton, Colorado
 I am so saddened to hear of this tragedy and never would have thought a fellow psychologist would lose her life in these circumstances. Thank you Mary for all that you have done and for your loving, caring spirit. May God bring peace as only He can to your family and friends at this time. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.  
Chris Schoener
Sewell, NJ
 I have no words with which to express what I feel. All I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have lost so much. Mary will always be remembered. My deepest sympathy to all! 
Jose M. Catasus
Gainesville, Florida
 I wish to offer my condolences to Mary's friends and family. Her sacrifice on Friday will always be remembered, and her work with children has resulted in what we all wish for: to leave this world a better place than it would have been without us. Thank you Mary.  
Tony Overduin
Phelan, CA
 I am so sorry for the loss of your wife, mother and our fellow school psychologist. I cannot imagine the grief and pain you are experiencing right now. It is my hope that the actions that our nation's leaders take in the upcoming days will bring attention to what Mary knew to be true....that the social and emotional needs of children in today's world are important and worth investing in. Our prayers are with you during this difficult time. 
Jacksonville, Florida
 I can't imagine the grief you are experiencing right now, but I hope you can find comfort in knowing that Mary's life was meaningful. And although her life was tragically ended, she has inspired thousands of other school psychologist, like myself, to reevaluate our dedication to this field. Surely, at no other time in history, has the need mental health providers been more important. Mary's story has helped to refocus those efforts, and for that we owe her our gratitude. 
Angela Massey
Columbia, TN
 I am a school psych, and I would like to extend my condolences to Mary's family, friends and co-workers. I know she will be missed terribly. Give yourselves time to heal. Continue in your good works, which helps you and those you reach out to. 
Sue Young
Roseburg, Oregon
 Words don't begin to express my deepest condolences to Mary's family. I am sad that our safe haven has become a place of disaster these days. As a school psychologist student I am touched that NASP has reached out to our colleague,Mary. You will always be in our hearts and minds.  
 When my staffing colleagues and I used to have a particularly difficult staffing, we would joke about being 'in the trenches.' We never imagined that a real war could erupt in the hallways of our school. As a tribute to Mary and her selfless behavior, let all of us vow to embrace a loner in our schools each workday. Each act of caring makes a difference. My heart goes out to Mary's family, her friends, and her colleagues. 
Janis Clark Johnston
Oak Park, IL
 I sit in my school psych office and imagine what Mary did last Friday. She knew there was a crisis and she went toward it. That is what we are trained to do; to help, to support, to be there when our students, staff and/or parents need us. She did more than that though. She cared, she loved, she gave the ultimate sacrifice. I honor her, her life, her commitment, her dedication. I grieve her loss. I look at her picture and I think that could be me, or countless others in our profession. I relate to her on so many levels. School Psychologist, Woman, Wife, Mother, in my 50's, thinking about retiring, but still loving my job. May God comfort her family and friends that will be forever changed because of their loss. 
Glendale, Arizona
 As a fellow school psychologist working in elementary schools, I admire Mary's courage and love for the children during such an incomprehensible tragedy. With deepest sympathy, she and her family remain in my thoughts and prayers. 
Mary Alice Lauw
Lake Charles, LA
 To the family of Mary Sherlach,
our thoughts and prayers are with you and will remain with you during this emotional time. Mary was doing what she so dearly loved and was passionate about, serving children and families. Her bravery exemplifies "putting oneself on the line" for what she believe in. Take solace in the fact that, she will always be with you through memories shared.  
Richard S. Harley, Ph.D.
Chicago, Illinois
 ATTN TEACHERS: A wonderful idea for teachers and their students: A building has been designated to house the students from Sandy Hook Elementary School. They are in the process of transporting desks, chairs, supplies and so forth to this location. The Newtown PTA met to discuss what we can do to make these children feel comforted upon their return to school. Please join them in "The Snowflake Project". They are asking students to make and decorate a snowflake. They will hang them in the hallways at the new building where the Sandy Hook students will be returning. PLEASE NO WORDS! They want just a cheerful, happy (glitter and sparkle) environment for the students entering the new building. Please pass on to any teachers you think may want to participate. When you send your snowflakes, please include a note to tell them where they are from (your school, class, town, etc) to display along with your snowflakes. You can send them to their PTA. Bonny Marsicano 22 Pine Tree Hill Road Newtown, CT 06470 Thank you so very much!

My thoughts and prayers to all of the victims and their families. 
Liz Scuderi
West Babylon , NY
 My thoughts and prayers are with Mary and her family. It is with great honor and humility that I say she is truly a hero and an advocate for children to the last moment. What a blessing she was to this earth.  
Cincinnati, Ohio
 To Mary's family and friends - May your wonderful memories with her comfort you during this difficult time. What a wonderful example of a true advocate for children. Mary, may you rest in peace. Thank you for being what the rest of us strive to be every day. God bless. 
Alicia G.
Lexington, SC
 My thoughts and prayers for Mary, her family, friends and community. As a school psychologist I work with children each day... and as a parent I send my own child off to a different school each day... from both perspectives my heart breaks. Continued prayers are with you.
Cincinnati, OH
 My thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Sherlach and her family as well as the families of the other victims that were taken too soon.  
Dan Erickson
Tacoma , Washington
 Our hearts will remain with Mary and her family for many years to come. We commend her bravery and willingness to put children first.
Lots of healing thoughts to her family as they cope with their loss.  
Anna Pardue
Ogden, Utah
 I send my heartfelt condolences to Mary’s husband, daughters, family and friends. No words can express the pain and loss you are experiencing. Although, I did not have the privilege of knowing Mary personally, I know the important work she did for children and family and the difference she made in so many children’s lives. She stayed true to her life’s work of putting children’s needs first, right up to the last moment of her life. We, in the field of School Psychology, will not forget Mary and will hold her commitment and sacrifice in our hearts and call for her strength and courage as we continue her important work. 
Janna Beekman-Forst
Asheville, NC
 Thank you to Mary for the students she served, and my condolences to her family and friends. 
Cody Pallister
Thompson Falls, MT
 I wanted to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to both Mary's family and co-workers. She is truly an inspiration to new school psychologists such as myself.


Amy Endle
School Psychologist- Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 
Amy Endle
Des Moines, Iowa
 Words can not express the grief and sympathy I have for the families of Newtown, CT. Mary was a hero in the field and did what she knew to be right and just in the given situation. I salute your bravery and strength in the time of need. My prayers to your friends and family. 
Claudia Branco
Union, New Jersey
 To Mary's colleagues: Thank you for all that you do protecting and helping our children every day.  
Sadie Dingfelder
Washington, District of Columbia
 To Mary's family and friends;
I cannot imagine the pain and confusion you are going through. The world is a brighter place from Mary's gifts. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. 
Julie Ramel
Lincoln, NE
 Condolences and love to Mary's family and friends. I did not know Mary. The word is thrown around too often but Mary, know that you are a true hero, and I have no doubt your actions saved the lives of many children and adults. Like our fellow school psychologists, I too have wondered whether I would have been able to muster the bravery you demonstrated. Let us all move forward from this moment and not let Mary's actions and life be forgotten. 
Scarborough, ME
 My thoughts and prayers are with Mary's family and all the families in Newtown. Thank you Mary for your lifelong work, dedication, and bravery last Friday. From one school psychologist to another, thank you Mary! Your bravery is a great example for all of us working in the schools. God Bless you and all of the adults who did their best to protect our precious children. 
Matt Smith
Farwell, Michigan
 To the family and friends of Mary Sherlach, I extend my deepest sympathies. My heart broke as I heard of your loss. She obviously worked daily to better the lives of children and ultimately gave her life for this cause. She exemplified the best characteristics of what a School Psychologist should be. You are in my prayers and thoughts.  
Holli Farr
Danville, Virginia
 To Mary's friends, family, and co-workers,
My thoughts and prayers go with you at this very difficult time. Mary's life and bravery at life's end is an inspiration to many around the world. The work and advocacy she did for children will not go unnoticed. She is a clear example of child advocacy and love for others. A true model of a school psychologist ideal. 
Cheryl Repass
Rochester, NY
 Mary, may you know that you have touched so many lives by your act of bravery. It is my hope that you are in peace and in paradise with all the other beautiful angels who lost their lives with you.
To your family- may you find comfort and hope during these unbelievably hard times, and know that you have a nation of people praying for you all. And that you understand that to a nation of people your wife/mother/co-worker/friend/daughter/sibling left this world a hero.  
Shea Calleri
Surf City, North Carolina
 I worked with Mary for more than 10 years as a fellow school psychologist in Newtown. My deepest sympathy goes to her husband and her two daughters who she spoke of often and loved dearly. My heart is broken for your loss. Mary was a very special, talented and brave woman.
Charlie Brumley 
Charles Brumley
Buckeye, AZ
 My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Mary Sherlach's family, friends, and co-workers. Sounds like Mary was an advocate for children up until the end of her very productive and meaningful life... I send out my love and strength to you at this very sad and tragic time. You are in our hearts forever! 
Vinny Pennisi
Lindenhurst, New York
 My deepest condolences to Mary's family. But also my highest admiration for her. She stands as a role model for all of us as school psychologists. To offer to help in difficult situations. To go to the aid of those in need. That is about the most wonderful remembrance there can be. Positive vibes, prayers and best wishes for the future go out to Mary's family. May you find strength for the future. 
Al Dunn
Salisbury, NC
 I am so sorry for your loss of Mary. While I didn't know Mary, her heroic actions were an act of love for her students. As a school psychologist, I have never really thought what I would do in that situation. Mary has helped me reflect about a lot of things. As a school psychologist, I know we often have to make split second decisions as well. Mary had an instinct to protect her students at all costs. She made the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop a threat to her students. My heart goes out to your family and friends. I am sure she will sorely missed.  
Lori Burns
Cincinnati, Ohio
 To Mary's family and friends - my deepest condolences for your profound loss. Although I didn't' know Mary, I know with all my heart that she loved her profession, her school, and her "kids." After all, she was a school psychologist. We do what we do because kids are worth it. I am certain if given the choice, Mary would have chosen to give her life for the children. She clearly wasn't given a choice but her sacrifice was heroic. Rest in peace, Mary. We are all diminished by your passing! 
Linda Wice
Oviedo, Florida
 It is with incredible Grace that I extend a hand and a hug in this time for the family of Mary's. Let her legacy be the work she so profoundly and bravely exemplified. My you find some comfort with these words of love. God Bless Mary and her family.  
Deanna Britton-Rumohr
Creston, British Columbia, Canada
 My deepest condolences to Mary Sherlack's family. Words like brave and dedicated do not quite say enough. Mary was an amazing soul who put the needs of others first, especially those of the children she served. Nancy was a mensch,someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. Mary was a woman who truly loved children and gave her life for them. May her family find peace in knowing what a wonderful person Mary was and that she will surely be remembered always.  
Kolman M. Kleinbord
Mount Laurel, N.J.
 Although we are on opposite sides of the country I too felt pain when I heard about your Mary and all those precious children. I am a 54 year old school psychologist and I understand Mary was 52. If I had known her we may have been friends. I am so sorry for your loss.  
Judy Hansen
Bakersfield, California
 Mary, your act of sacrifice was heroic. I salute you, not as a Psychologist, but as a human being. Your passing has raised all of us left behind. Thank you for your love and service to our nation’s children. 
Cheryl Bragg
Potomac Falls, Virginia
 My deepest condolences for the family of this incredibly brave and dedicated woman who devoted her life to make those of children better. From all that I've heard, she was an amazing soul who always put the needs of others first, especially those of the children she served. Her passing has deeply touched all school psychologists and educators everywhere and she will always be remembered as an example of the best the profession has to offer. I trust that the public and public officials will call for more dedicated professionals like Mary Sherlach to continue to serve those who are most vulnerable in our society with enhanced access to mental health services so that tragedies like this might hopefully be prevented in the future. Blessings to you all. 
Dr. Carl Totton
Burbank, California
 Mary was an absolute hero---she gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving the students she loved. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends for the loss of such an amazing and giving wife, mother, daughter, and so much more. Mary's loss is felt deeply across the nation in the hearts of her fellow school psychologists. With deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy. We will not forget, Mary!

Meghan Magee
Rocklin, CA
 My deepest sympathies to Mary's family, friends, and colleagues. While she sacrificed her life for the students and staff she loved, her heroic acts will save the future lives of many. She has helped to shine light on the mental health challenges facing this country. As a profession we will continue her work in her memory. Mary, thank you for all you did and will continue to do in spirit.  
Melissa Reeves
Huntersville, NC
 Words seem inadequate in this moment, but I send my sincere condolences to you. The depth of expressed sorrow by so many school psychologists with whom I've spoken reflects the great respect we have for Mary. We did not know her, but the devotion and courage she demonstrated made us all proud that we belong to the same group of professionals who advocate for kids. I wish you comfort in these dark days and may your sorrows be lightened by knowing that 25,000 NASP members hold her as a symbol of that to which we've committed our work efforts. Blessings to you. 
Valorie Wolcott Mendelson
Kirtland , OH
 To the Family: I know that no words can help ease the pain and loss that you are experiencing. My sincerest condolences in these times of sorrow and sadness. As a fellow School Psychologist this is very personal, even though I have never met Mary. 
Tanja Stich
Lakewood, Ohio
 We never met. I live many states away from CT. Yet the horrible events of last Friday will stay with me. As a parent of a toddler and a school psychologist, I thank you for your tireless efforts to keep children safe at school. I am proud to be a school psychologist and you have served our profession well.

To Mary's family and friends, please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. 
Dannelle Harenberg
Columbus, OH
 Mary Sherlach. Mary Sherlach. May all of us in the profession of school psychology always remember this woman who clearly exemplified the very best that any of us might contribute to others, especially vulnerable little children. To Mary's family and friends: I am so sorry for your loss. May your memories of Mary's contributions to make the world a better place, in her family, in her friendships, and in her professional life, help to give you the comfort and strength to continue her good works.  
Jerry Saunders
Southport, Connecticut
 To Mary....and Mary's family....
Although I did not know you, I imagine you were dedicated to the students, parents and teachers you supported with during your career. Your fearlessness in the face of peril has provided me with inspiration as a school psychologist to rededicate myself to serving children with disabilities in my community. I am sure your family and collegues will miss you dearly. The depth of the tragedy for your community will take a long time to heal...in Tucson we know how violence of this nature brings changes us all. Peace be with you.  
Patty Matthews
Tucson , Arizona
 We mourn your loss Mary. Your ultimate sacrifice for kids is truly heroic. I pledge to work to make our communities safer. I hope your family can take comfort that your spirit is surely with all those angels who have lost their lives.  
Marybeth Auletto
Blacklick, OH
 May you rest in peace, Mary Sherlach knowing that you were indeed doing God's work everyday. And may your family find comfort in knowing that your job everyday was to help children grow in strength, resiliency and happiness. And that is a good life. 
Julie Lange-Castronova
Oyster Bay, New York
 Though I did not have the pleasure of working with, or knowing Mary, I want you to know how touched I am by her bravery. As a fellow school psychologist, I can only imagine how much she loved going to work everyday and the children she worked with. I take comfort knowing she died doing what she loved, and only hope I could be half as brave if the need arose. I thooght of Mary a lot on my drive to work on Monday to help the children in my school understand this horrific incident. I can only hope our responses in North Haven made her proud. Sending love and support. God Bless! 
North Haven, CT