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General Convention


I always come away from the NASP conventions with energy and renewed excitement about being a school psychologist.
Alice Wellborn, MA, NCSP
Transylvania County Schools

I am always impressed with the level of expertise and depth of offerings at the NASP convention.
Nadine Woodle, NCSP
Naperville School District 203

Bring Your Principal to the Convention

Being an effective school psychologist takes topnotch knowledge and skills. It also requires working within a professional context that empowers you to use the breadth of your expertise. Principals are critical to creating such a context. They set priorities, deploy resources, and assign staff to take on key responsibilities. They determine what school improvement looks like and who is involved.

Your relationship with your principal and what he or she understands about your skills (how you can help create successful students and schools) has everything to do with your role. You have an incredible amount to offer, and NASP wants to help you share this knowledge by bringing your principal to the annual convention.

Affordable Principal Registration

NASP is offering a special registration rate of $100 for school principals who attend the convention with their school psychologists. This provides a terrific opportunity to:

  • Expose your principal to your expertise and commitment.
  • Attend sessions on an issue you are trying to address in your school.
  • Improve your collaboration by expanding your principal's knowledge on key topics.
  • Spend time with your principal outside of the pressures of school.
  • Help your principal network with other school leaders.
  • Demonstrate the value of attending NASP conventions and conferences.
  • Increase your ability to implement what you learn at the convention.
  • Enhance your value and the security of your role.

If you plan to attend the convention with your school principal, you must register before your principal and provide him or her with your 6-digit registration confirmation number, which he or she will need to complete the registration process.

Register Now

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