SY021: Mathematics Intervention Development and Examination of Intervention Intensity

Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:30 AM–10:50 AM


The symposium will include four papers that evaluate math interventions and intervention intensity. Included studies examined the (a) form and frequency of a class-wide practice on retention, (b) acquisition rate, retention, and generalization of math facts, (c) session frequency of a small group math intervention and (d) minimum effective dose of a class-wide strategy. Participants will be able to implement several math strategies across a multi-tiered framework and understand the impact of intervention intensity.


Robin S. Codding, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston, MA; Matthew Burns, university of minnesota, minneapolis, MN; Robert J. Volpe, Northeastern University, Boston, MA; Gary Duhon, oklahoma state university, Stillwater, OK; Amanda VanDerHeyden, Education Consulting Inc, Birmingham, AL