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General Convention


I always come away from the NASP conventions with energy and renewed excitement about being a school psychologist.
Alice Wellborn, MA, NCSP
Transylvania County Schools

I am always impressed with the level of expertise and depth of offerings at the NASP convention.
Nadine Woodle, NCSP
Naperville School District 203

Practice Model Information for Convention Presenters

NASP is encouraging convention presenters to reference the NASP Practice Model in their presentations. This is part of our effort to help school psychologists become more familiar with the model, better understand how their work currently fits into the model, and recognize how they can use the model to advocate for their services and the profession. This can also help frame and structure your presentation for attendees.

This is totally voluntary and exactly how you include information about the NASP Practice Model is up to you. We have developed a few resource slides (ppt) to get you started. The slides can be used individually or in combination and be adapted as you see fit.

Copy for the practice model promotional resources page

Use these adaptable slides (ppt) to incorporate the NASP Practice Model more easily into your presentations and professional development activities.

Presenter Resources