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General Convention


I always come away from the NASP conventions with energy and renewed excitement about being a school psychologist.
Alice Wellborn, MA, NCSP
Transylvania County Schools

I am always impressed with the level of expertise and depth of offerings at the NASP convention.
Nadine Woodle, NCSP
Naperville School District 203

Talking Points

The information in these documents is intended to help you prepare for your meetings with your Representative and Senators.  These documents are to be used as a guide and not a script.  The talking points give an overview of NASP public priorities, key policy objectives, as well as legislation that NASP supports.

NASP recognizes legislative advocacy is new to many of you, while others have extensive experience advocating with elected officials.  To make this experience as positive and productive as possible for all of our participants, we created two documents: BASIC Talking Points, to be used by beginning advocates and ADVANCED Talking Points for our members who want more extensive information.  You may use whichever guide best meets your needs and level of experience.

BASIC Talking Points download (pdf)

If you are new to legislative advocacy, we suggest using the BASIC Talking Points to prepare for your meetings. This document contains a brief summary of key pieces of legislation, as well as information and talking points about three overarching public policy priorities.   Reviewing this document will ensure that you are prepared for each of your meetings!

ADVANCED Talking Points download (pdf)

If you have attended the NASP PPI or have experience with legislative advocacy, we suggest that you use the ADVANCED Talking Points to prepare for your meetings. This document contains information about a comprehensive (although not exhaustive) list of legislation that supports both broad and narrow issues that are included in the NASP Public Policy Agenda.  This document also contains talking points with supported research citations as to why certain policy objectives are recommended.  If you would like additional information about a specific public policy or piece of legislation included in this document, please contact Kelly Vaillancourt, NASP Director of Government Relations.

Congressional Staff Contact Information