SS02: RTI at the High School Level: A Successful Program in a Large, Urban, and Diverse School District

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 8:00 AM–8:50 AM


The Upper Darby High School, with an enrollment of 3,600 students, implemented an RTI program 2 years ago after the successful implementation of RTI in Kindergarten thru grade 8 in 13 schools across the district. High School results in grade 9 for both reading and math achievement have shown better than predicted growth. In addition, the failure rate and retention rate of 9th grade students was dramatically decreased. The RTI implementation process, interventions used, test results in reading and math, as well as the positive impact this program has had on teachers and students will be discussed. Implementation now is taking place at grade 10 with positive results. This session is sponsored by the Convention Committee.


Brenda Kabler