WS63: Executive Function in Children and Adolescents: Concepts and Assessment Sessions and Workshops Qualifying for NASP and APA-Approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Documentation

Friday, February 24

  • 12:30–3:30 p.m.
  • CPD Credit Hour(s): 3
  • Skill Level: II
  • Members: $80
    Non-Members: $115

The concept of executive function has gained attention in the educational domain over the past decade, as these self-regulatory functions play a central role that impacts the learning, social, behavioral, and emotional domains. This workshop is designed to assist psychologists in conceptualizing, assessing, and enhancing the self-regulatory aspects of children's everyday functioning. Topics will include functional definitions and models, assessment methods, and a model for intervening with children who present with acquired or developmental executive function difficulties. The workshop uses a case-based format to illustrate how executive function assessment practices are integrated within an overall assessment framework.

Speaker(s): Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Independent Practice, Norwich, VT

Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Independent Practice, Norwich, VT, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, is a developmental neuropsychologist who has coauthored numerous works on the development and disorders of self-regulation across the life span and on concussion in youth. He is coauthor of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function family of instruments, the Tasks of Executive Control, and Pediatric ImPACT.