WS18: Long-Term Memory Impairments in Children: Assessment and Intervention Sessions and Workshops Qualifying for NASP and APA-Approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Documentation

Wednesday, February 22

  • 7:30–10:30 a.m.
  • CPD Credit Hour(s): 3
  • Skill Level: III
  • Members: $80
    Non-Members: $115

This workshop will include discussion of long-term memory systems and processes, relationships between memory systems and learning, the neuroanatomy of memory, the functions of the hippocampus, memory dysfunctions and disorders, development of metamemory and strategies, assessment procedures, memory scales, evidence-based interventions, and instructional approaches that enhance memory. Learning objectives include increased knowledge and skills in identifying brain structures involved in memory, identifying at-risk youth populations, implementing evidence-based memory strategies, and testing memory functioning with several scales. Instructional strategies include PowerPoint, case studies, discussion, and videos. The workshop content applies to K–12 students.

Speaker(s): Milton J. Dehn, EdD, NCSP, Schoolhouse Educational Services, LLC, Stoddard, WI

Milton J. Dehn, EdD, NCSP, Schoolhouse Educational Services, LLC, Stoddard, WI, Milton J. Dehn, EdD, NCSP, a former school psychology trainer, is a private practice school psychologist and the program director for Schoolhouse Tutoring. His expertise on working memory and children's memory problems is internationally recognized. He is the author of Working Memory and Academic Learning (2008) and Long-Term Memory Problems in Children and Adolescents (2010).