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Packages Include the Following Sessions:
(Additional sessions may be added and all sessions are subject to change)

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Keynote Address

Linda Darling-Hammond
Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University

President's Special Strand

Featured Sessions

[FS01] Relationships Between Schools and Families: Pathways for Student Success
Susan M. Sheridan, PhD

[FS02] NASP Legends Address: The Art of School Psychology
Alex Thomas, PhD, NCSP

[FS03] NASP Distinguished Lecture: Improving Impacts of Classrooms—Professional Development and Standardized Classroom Observation
Robert C. Pianta, PhD

[FS04] They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Successful, Data-Driven Systems Change in a Large Urban School District
Kevin P. Dwyer, NCSP; David Osher, PhD

[FS05] Fostering Positive School Climate: Developing Supportive Relationships and Self-Discipline
George Bear, PhD

Documented Sessions

[DS01] Improving Students' Reading Skills With the HELPS Program
John C. Begeny, PhD

[DS02] Implementation Integrity Within RTI: Roles and Tools for School Psychologists
Holly S. Windram, PhD; Kimberly Gibbons, PhD

[DS03] Finding and Evaluating the Research for Behavior Interventions
George DuPaul

[DS04] Ethics: There's No App for That (Yet)!
Fred Provenzano, PhD, NCSP

[DS05] Transforming School Discipline Practices: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach
Ross W. Greene, PhD; Craig Murphy, PhD

[DS06] Screening, Intervening, and Progress Monitoring With English Language Learners
Mike L. Vanderwood, PhD, NCSP

[DS07] Observational Assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Stephanie H. McConaughy, PhD; Robert J. Volpe, PhD

NASP Convention Workshops

[WS07] Advanced Assessment and Interventions for Children and Adolescents With ADHD and Related Problems
Thomas E. Brown, PhD

[WS08] Best Practices in Data-Based Decision Making Within an RTI Model (Advanced)
Gary L. Cates, PhD; Benjamin R. Ditkowsky, PhD

[WS12] Evidence-Based, Instructionally Relevant, Differential Diagnosis of Specific Learning Disabilities
Virginia W. Berninger, PhD; Alnita Rettig Dunn, PhD

[WS15] Diagnosis of ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and Asperger's Syndrome: Strategies for School
Ilyse O'Desky, PsyD

[WS18] Implementing Response to Intervention: Introductory Workshop on Systems Change and Effective Strategies for Developing Consensus and "Buy-In"
George M. Batsche, EdD; Judy L. Elliott, PhD

[WS19] What You Always Needed to Know About Psychiatric Medications and Children
Kevin T. Kalikow, MD

[WS27] Implementing Response to Intervention: Intermediate/Advanced Workshop on Systems Change and Effective Strategies for Sustaining Successful Implementation
George M. Batsche, EdD; Judy L. Elliott, PhD

[WS29] Advanced Workshop on Interventions for Executive Function Difficulties
George M. McCloskey, PhD

[WS33] Selected Legal Issues Affecting the Practice of School Psychology: 2011
Michael S. Harley, Esq.

[WS35] Determining Eligibility for Special Education in an RTI System
Joseph F. Kovaleski, DEd, NCSP; Caitlin S. Flinn, EdS, NCSP

[WS36] Assessment of English Language Learners (Intermediate)
Samuel O. Ortiz, PhD

[WS45] Adapting Cognitive-Behavioral, Family, and Psychoeducational Interventions for Bipolar Disorder
Eric A. Youngstrom, PhD

[WS52] Responding to Self-Injurious Students: Prevention and Intervention Strategies (Advanced)
Richard A. Lieberman, MA, NCSP, LEP

[WS57] ELL Students and Response to Intervention
Catherine Collier, PhD

[WS60] Integrating RTI With Cognitive Neuropsychology: A Successful Approach to Developing Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math Interventions
Steven G. Feifer, DEd, NCSP, ABSNP