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Respecialization Information

Individuals with a graduate degree in a closely related field (e.g., clinical psychology, counseling psychology) may be eligible for the Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) designation, provided they have completed a respecialization or equivalent program at a NASP-approved graduate program. Please note that graduate programs handle applications from those with prior graduate degrees in different ways, but all NASP approved programs must assure that all program completers, regardless of backgrounds have met the same national standards for school psychology preparation. Not all graduate programs offer respecialization options, and many programs will enroll only students pursuing a graduate degree in school psychology. Please check with the graduate program to inquire about its options.

Along with the certification application, the current program director of the training program where the applicant completed the respecialization program must complete and sign the "Documentation for Respecialization Cases" form. Additional documentation must be provided as well, such as a copy of the program of studies and transcript review completed upon the applicant's enrollment in the NASP-approved program. The information typically submitted is a course-by-course evaluation of the coursework required as part of their program and how the applicant met those requirements. For example, the program director would list all of the coursework a student must complete to earn the specialist degree and indicate that either the applicant completed the course at their school and include the course number (so that it can be verified on the transcript) or that the same course was completed at another institution and include the course number (again, so that it can be verified on the transcript).

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