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New Requirements to Renew Your NCSP

A hallmark of the NCSP system has always been its promotion of high quality continuing professional development (CPD). For many years, school psychologists who hold the NCSP have been required to engage in activities designed to maintain, expand, and extend their professional training and skills. To further encourage high quality CPD, the NCSP Board has instituted two recent CPD content standards.

Changes to the NCSP Renewal Requirements

NASP- or APA-Approved Provider Requirement

The NASP-Approved Provider System was created to assist school psychologists in obtaining quality professional development. NASP-approved providers must demonstrate that their offerings align with NASP practice guidelines, are provided by qualified professionals, and are intended to enhance professional competencies, skills, or knowledge.

NCSPs must obtain 10 of the 75 CPDs required for renewal from NASP- or APA-approved providers during each three-year renewal period.

Requiring that a portion of CPD credits come from approved providers assists NCSPs in obtaining appropriate instructional level, content, documentation and administrative practices for CPD activities. It is generally regarded that requiring high quality, relevant continuing education is one of the hallmarks of a profession. Physicians, lawyers, accountants, licensed counselors, speech pathologists, and others are required to obtain all or part of their continuing education from “approved providers.” Continuing education by approved providers assists professionals in accessing recognized, high quality activities that enhance their professional growth and meet accepted standards.

NASP's annual convention and summer conferences offer valuable opportunities to earn approved provider CPD credits. In addition, you can utilize NASP's Online Learning Center.

A list of approved providers, including a number of state associations, is available. NASP also accepts credits from providers approved by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Ethical Practice and Legal Regulation of School Psychology CPD Requirement

NCSPs must also accrue 3 hours of CPD regarding ethical practice and/or the legal regulation of school psychology. Legal regulation of school psychology refers to IDEA, NCLB, Section 504, and similar issues. This requirement may be met with any appropriate CPD activity category.

To help you meet this requirement, hours of convenient and affordable NASP- and APA-approved CPD in ethical practice and legal regulation are available through the Online Learning Center. In addition, the book Professional Ethics for School Psychologists: A Problem-Solving Model Casebook, and the Chapters on ethics in Volume 6 of Best Practices V can be used for self-study.

Questions? Contact the NASP Certification department.