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Submitting Your Renewal for Processing

The NCSP credential is valid for three years unless revoked. The credential must be renewed by the expiration date, or it will expire. The expiration date is printed on the NCSP certification letter and renewal notices. NCSPs are given a grace period of one calendar month to renew the credential before a late fee is assessed. Renewal of the NCSP comprises the following:

  • The NCSP credential expires 36 months from the month the initial application or renewal is received and processed. The expiration date is always the last day of the month. Renewal reminders will be sent prior to expiration, but the responsibility for renewing in a timely fashion remains solely on the individual holding the credential. You may check your expiration date in your profile.
  • Complete the required 75 hours of continuing professional development activities within a 36 month period and maintain documentation of your activities. (Access information on proper documentation.) Keep this documentation for your own records. Do not submit it with your renewal forms. You will be asked to provide this documentation if you are audited.
  • Complete the Affidavit of Continuing Professional Development Credits form. Sign the affidavit attesting to participation in the required CPD activities and agreeing to an audit if notified.
  • Complete the NCSP Directory Information and Renewal Questionnaire form. If you do not wish to be listed in the NCSP Online Directory, check the box where indicated.
  • Complete the NCSP Renewal Payment form and submit the appropriate payment, including any late fees that may apply. If you are not a NASP member and wish to join, complete the NASP Membership form and include the appropriate amount for dues in your payment. If you join NASP at the time you renew your certification, you can save $100 on your NCSP renewal by qualifying for the reduced member renewal rates. You may also join online.
  • Successful renewal of the NCSP will be acknowledged by a letter from the NASP office.