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Guidelines for CPD Activities

Developing a Personal Plan

Activities should be chosen as part of an overall professional development plan designed to enhance the NCSP’s knowledge in several foundation areas. Plan a variety of activities that emphasize learning, including workshop experiences, coursework, presentations, self-study, program development, or research. These activities should exceed the ordinary requirements of employment. Please review recent changes to the CPD requirements for renewal in developing your plan.

Evaluating the Benefit of CPD Activities

Applicants may evaluate and select CPD activities, and may claim the activities for CPD credit, without contacting NASP for preapproval. There are four questions to ask when evaluating an activity to determine if it may be claimed for CPD credit. If you can answer “yes” to all four of the following questions, you may claim CPD credit for the activity:

  1. Did the activity enhance or upgrade my professional skills or add to my knowledge base?
  2. Was the activity relevant to the professional practice of school psychology?
  3. Did the activity fit into my personal plan for continuing professional development?
  4. Did the activity go beyond the ordinary aspects of my employment?

CPD Credit

One CPD credit is defined as one contact hour or an actual clock hour (60 minutes) spent in direct participation, as a learner, in a structured educational format.

For purposes of NCSP renewal, CPD credits are valid for a 36-month period after they are earned. The 3-year period is counted backward from the month in which your renewal application is submitted to the NASP office. For example, if the renewal application is submitted in June of 2011, credits earned from June of 2008 through June of 2011 would be accepted for that renewal cycle. Credits from a previous renewal cycle may not be resubmitted. Credits above the required 75 hours may not be carried over to the next renewal cycle.

Documentation Guidelines

The following forms of documentation are acceptable:

  • Certificate of Attendance: Certificate of Attendance, or log sheets of participation provided by the CPD sponsor.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are required for college or university credit.
  • Summary Reports: Summary Reports may be used in states where professional development is required for maintenance of certification or licensure, or in school districts or other agencies or organizations where professional development is required.
  • Activity Documentation Form: Any activity not otherwise documented by one of the above may be documented with this form.
  • Documentation of CPD activities should include the following information:

    • name of participant
    • CPD hours
    • hours of participation
    • category or type of activity
    • certification or member number
    • title or topic of activity
    • activity sponsor, if applicable
    • date of activity