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Nationally Certified School Psychologist Application for Graduates of Non-NASP-Approved Programs

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) created the National School Psychology Certification System (NSPCS) for the purpose of credentialing school psychologists who meet a nationally recognized standard. The NSPCS is open to members of NASP as well as to nonmembers. The administration of the NSPCS is vested under the authority of the National School Psychology Certification Board (NSPCB).

* As of January 2013, all applications must be submitted using the online submission process. Paper portfolio applications will not be accepted.

Application Deadlines

To be considered, applications must be completed and received by NASP by:

  • Summer Review: May 1
  • Winter Review: November 1
* Once a decision has been made regarding your application, you will receive a written letter from the NASP office that includes the feedback from reviewers.

Application Fees

Applicants are allowed two submissions per each fee payment. If deficiencies still exist after the second review, the candidate will have to reapply be resubmitting the nonrefundable fee along with submission of those portions of the portfolio deemed deficient.

  • Students, 1st Year Members, and Leave of Absence Members: $160
  • Early Career 2nd year members: $210
  • Other NASP Members: $260
  • Nonmembers: $360

* All fees are non-refundable.

Application Process

Note: You do not have to complete this application in one sitting. Once you submit a section, your information will be saved and you can return to the application later.

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