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Helpful Tips for Continuing Professional Development

Listed below are some helpful tips to make the renewal process a smoother one.

TIP # 1: Use Proper Documentation

Refer to the CPD Booklet for an easy guide to the proper documentation requirements.

TIP #2: Make Sure To Send the Proper Amount of Funds

The current price is $80 for current NASP members and $180 for non-members.

There is a 30 day grace period for late renewals: after that you are required to pay fees in arrears, ($13 for members, $19 for non-members). The late fee is assessed after the 30 day grace period has expired and every 6 months thereafter.

TIP #3: Make Sure Your Activities Are Within Your 3-Year Time Frame

You may only claim activities for a three year time period. For example, if your expiration date is 12/06 you may claim activities from 1/04 through 12/06.

TIP #4: Be Aware of Your Expiration Date

Your renewal materials are not due in the national office until your expiration date. However, once we do receive your materials and process them, this becomes your new expiration date. Therefore, if you want your expiration date to remain the same, simply send in your renewal when it is due. If you have enough hours and would like to begin accruing toward a new cycle, then you can submit your materials early.

TIP #5: Use a Tracking Method When Sending Your Materials

If you want to ensure that your materials reach NASP, we recommend that you use some form of tracking. Because of the volume of materials we receive, it will take certification staff approximately 4-8 weeks to process your materials.

TIP #6: Make Copies of Your Materials

Should your materials become lost in the mail, this ensures you will have a back-up copy. In addition, due to the volume of paperwork received, NASP cannot send back any materials.