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List of Evening and Weekend Programs

The National Association of School Psychologists Standards and Continuing Professional Development department receives regular inquiries regarding the availability of school psychology training programs that offer a great many of their courses on weekends or weeknight evenings. In response to those calls, a question was posted on a school psychology trainer’s listserv asking for programs to self-identify if they offer mainly evening and weekend courses. The following programs may or may not be NASP approved. Please refer to the list of NASP-Approved School Psychology Training Programs.


Program NameState/ ProvinceProgramEveningWeekendSummerOnlinePracticumInternship
Argosy UniversityAZMA, PsyDyesyesnononono
University of Northern ColoradoCOEdSnoyesnonoweekdayschool day/school year
Nova Southeastern UniversityFLPsyS (specialist)yesyesyesyes
Argosy UniversityHIMAyesyesyesnoweekdayschool day/school year
National LouisILMA, EdSyesnononoweekday evenings school yearschool day/school year
Emporia State UniversityKSEdSyesnoyesyesup to 40% can be completed through university clinic (limited)school day/school year
Pittsburg State UniversityKSEdSyesnonono school day/school year
Nicholls State UniversityLASPyes yes 2 full days in school; 2 afternoon supervision meetings each week 
Northeastern UniversityMAMA, CAGSyes yes WeekdaySchool Day/School Year
Bowie State UniversityMDMA, CAGSyes yes WeekdaySchool Day/School Year
University of Detroit-MercyMISpecialistyes     
CapellaMN  yesyesyes  
Farleigh DickensonNJMA, Psy.D, Certificate Onlyyes   School Day/ School Year 
University of Nevada Las VegasNVEd.S, Ph.Dyes    School Day/School Year
University of DaytonOH yes     
California University of PennsylvaniaPAMA, Certificationyes yesyesWeekdaySchool Day/School Year
Duquesne UniversityPACAGS, Ph.Dyes yes WeekdaySchool Day/School Year
ImmaculataPAMA Counseling with certification in School Psychologyyes yes Weekday, counseling Practicum evening and weekendsSchool Day/School Year
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaPACertification onlyyes   WeekdaySchool Day/School Year
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaPAD.Ed  yes Summer ClinicEfforts to arrange through current employer/nearby clinics
University of MemphisTNMA, EdSyes yes  School Day/School Year
Texas A&M- CommerceTX yes yes   
Out Lady of the Lake (San Antonio)TXMS Psychology with specialization in School Psychologyyes   School Day/ School YearSchool Day/School Year
West Texas A&M- CanyonTX yesyes    
Eastern Washington University/ Washington State University Certificationyesyesyes School Day/ School YearSchool Day/School Year
University of Wisconsin River Falls WISpecialistyes yes Third Year Work DaySchool Day/School Year
University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterWIM.S.E.yes yes   
Brooklyn CollegeNYMS, Ed, Advanced Certificateyes  yes School Day/School Year
Texas State San MarcosTX yes yes  Meet one a month at 12 noon