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ETS Testing Information

Applicants must achieve a passing score (165) on the Praxis II® School Psychologist Exam administered by the Educational Testing Service. Test scores remain valid for ten (10) years after the testing date. Test scores older than ten (10) years are considered expired and would require the retaking of the examination. Applicants who took the exam prior to its revision in September 2008 must have achieved a passing score of 660 or higher.

Those planning to take the exam can access the Praxis II® School Psychologist Exam Prep Session through NASP’s Online Learning Center. This archived webinar provides valuable information about the blueprint of the Praxis II® School Psychologist Exam, test-taking strategies, and reviews of 18 practice questions from the ETS Study Guide. Presented by representatives of NASP and ETS, this session will also provide information about how to navigate the Praxis™ website (including registration) and access available Praxis II® test prep resources.

The Praxis II® School Psychologist Exam, code 0401, is administered through the Praxis Series of Educational Testing Service. Visit the following ETS resources for more information:

Note: The Praxis II® School Psychologist Exam was revised and rescaled in September of 2008. Material on the test was updated, and the scoring scale for the exam was changed. However, the same content is covered by both versions of the exam. All scores on the discontinued test are reportable for ten (10) years.