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NASP Advocacy Toolkit: Framework for Safe and Successful Schools

The Framework for Safe and Successful Schools is the result of collaboration among NASP, the American School Counselor Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association of Secondary School Principals , National Association of School Resource Officers, and School Social Work Association of America. This document provides a framework, supported by over a hundred state and national organizations, for improving school safety and increasing access to mental health supports for children and youths.

This Advocacy Toolkit contains a set of resources to help individuals and state associations advocate for the recommended policies and practices to improve school safety. You are encouraged to consult these resources to help you organize and plan for your professional and/or legislative advocacy activities. These materials can, and should be adapted to meet the unique needs of your local communities and states. Ensuring that schools adopt evidence-based policy and practice related to student safety is critical, and your advocacy and help make every school a safe and successful one. It is our hope that you will share your ideas and experiences with NASP leaders for possible inclusion in this Toolkit