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2014 GW/NASP Public Policy Institute (PPI)

NEW! 5-Day Advanced Training, July 16–18 & 22–23 for NASP-approved CPD

In addition to all of the offerings included in the 3-day training, 5-day training participants will explore the conference theme in greater depth by examining how administrative policy impacts student resilience and school climates.

Additionally, through exploration and engagement in a mock community of practice, participants will utilize their knowledge of education policy and school systems to propose solutions to common problems of practice facing America's schools.

5-Day NASP Approved CPD participants will:

  • Explore in greater depth the theme of the PPI and how it can be addressed in administrative school policy and practice.
  • Receive up to 12 additional NASP Approved CPD credits (totaling approximately 27 CPDs for the 5 day experience) that can be applied to NCSP recertification or most school psychologist state certifications or educator licenses.
  • Act as professional practice advisors to GW graduate semester credit participants as they develop and present their case study analysis projects and portfolios.

5-Day GW Semester Graduate Credit participants will:

  • Earn prestigious George Washington University graduate semester credit that is typically accepted into an advanced graduate or doctoral program, used for pay scale advancement in most school districts, and/or applied to professional recertification and licensure requirements
  • Participate in the full-5 day experience with the same campus study benefits as other GW graduate students.
  • Participate fully in the culminating course experience that includes a case study analysis, team presentation and collaborative assessment.
  • Participate in collaborative learning sessions with other graduate students from diverse backgrounds and courses of study.
  • Have an opportunity to publish an article in the GW annual Federal Policy Institute journal related to the group public policy experience and culminating project.

Watch past participants of the GW/NASP Public Policy Institute describe their experience in Washington, DC and the impact the Institute has had on their careers.

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