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GW/NASP 2012 Public Policy Institute

“Creating Safe Supportive Conditions for Learning: Policy Directions for the Nation.”

3-Day Basic Training

July 11-13, 2012
(NASP-Approved CPD earned)

George Washington University
School of Media and Public Affairs Building, Room 310
805 21st St. NW, Washington DC

The 2012 GW/NASP Public Policy Institute will feature a 3-day basic training for school psychologists, school counselors, teachers, principals and others committed to promoting safe and healthy school environments from Wednesday-Friday, July 11-13, 2012 on the GW campus in Washington, DC. GW graduate students and any other participants taking the institute for graduate semester credit will engage in a 5-day experience that continues on Monday-Tuesday, July 16-17, 2012. The 3-day basic training will focus on building the foundational knowledge of grassroots advocacy and federal education policy while the 5-day experience will look more closely at the development of administrative policy and procedure and its impact on students and school organizational systems. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of the legislative policy process through presentations made by nationally known experts and policy makers, a Capitol Hill experience visiting their elected officials and observing Congress in action, and through discussion and networking with education professionals and graduate students.

5-Day Advanced Training

July 11-13 and July 16-17, 2012
(GW graduate credit)

In addition to all of the offerings included in the 3-day basic training, 5-day training participants will take a more comprehensive look at how legislative and administrative policy helps to create safe and supportive conditions for learning for all students, including vulnerable student populations. Through exploration and engagement in a community of practice, participants will utilize their knowledge of education policy and school systems to propose solutions to common problems of practice facing America’s schools.