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Research Procedures

The Research Committee has established formal procedures regarding access to the NASP Membership Database for the purpose of conducting research. Approved by the Executive Council in June 2011, the new procedures charge the Research Committee with coordinating research efforts of the association by conducting quarterly reviews of requests for access to the NASP Membership Database, including requests for contact information. The documents at the following link contain the information needed to submit a request.

NASP Research Procedures


  1. Requests for mailing labels are considered during four annual review cycles. The deadlines for receipt of proposals are midnight EST/EDT September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.

  2. To protect NASP members from survey fatigue and to ensure a good response rate to official NASP research efforts, mailing labels for surveys will be approved on a competitive basis.

  3. NASP policy prohibits giving out the e-mail addresses of its members.

  4. Due to the methodological weaknesses involved, requests to recruit NASP members for research participation via NASP Listservs or Communities will not be considered.